A Cup of Coffee & Your Dream Retirement House

A Cup of Coffee & Your Dream Retirement House

This morning over your regular cup of coffee, you and your spouse may be talking about your retirement dream house.  Many people these days are doing the same thing.  Rand Soellner Architect hears from a few of these people every month.  They e-mail or phone him (Rand@HomeArchitects.com   or    1-828-269-9046) and have a friendly chat about their dreams for their retirement residence.

You are welcome and are invited to contact Rand Soellner at your leisure.  Many people, born in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are sensing that now would be a great time to consider preparing for their future comfort.  And their dream retirement house is a part of those preparations.  Where you have been working all your lives and where you want to live out the remainder of your life may be two different places.

Your present location may be convenient to your work, so that you have a minimal commute.  That is logical.  However, over your morning coffee, with your loved ones, when dreaming about where you might like to be when you retire, you may arrive at a conclusion that you might like to be located somewhere else for your retirement years.  Perhaps you have already taken the first step in this plan, and have already acquired acreage in a scenic region of the country.  Maybe you inherited this hallowed ground.  Or, you may still be searching for the right size and type of community in which you want to be for the rest of your life.

Whatever your circumstances, you have made a decision to obtain the ground.  That is a crucial first step.  Now you are starting to think about what sort of house you want to have designed and built on your special land.  This needs to be a house designed around the way you want to live.  A house that is responsive to your site, that frames the views that charmed you when you purchased or otherwise acquired your land.

Perhaps you imagine having a main house for you and your spouse, and a guest wing or guest level, or guest cottage (or two or more) for your visiting children and their children.  Maybe you see this special house becoming a legacy family estate that you see being passed down to generation after generation during the coming decades, perhaps for hundreds of years.

You are creating the bedrock, the main coming-together-place for your entire extended family.  You may be imagining joyful meal preparation times in your new gourmet kitchen; a kitchen designed to allow you and several other relatives and friends to work in together comfortably, tasting the sauces as they simmer on your gas range, lounging around the large central island, enjoying drinks and laughter.

Rand Soellner Architect specializes in creating houses like this.  When you are ready to take the next step to bring your dreams to reality, give Rand a call and find out how you can start on the path to your special dream residence.

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