ArCH Organization Founded

ArCH Organization Founded

Rand Soellner, Senior Staff Architect of HOME ARCHITECTS ® recently co-founded “ArCH” : Architects Creating Homes.  This new organization is composed of licensed architects and is dedicated to improving the practice & quality of residential architecture nationwide.


arch organization“ArCH is an association of like-minded residential architects that felt there was a need for an independent group that represented the agenda of licensed architects who mainly practice residential architecture,” said Soellner, “It is the ONLY independent organization of licensed architects in the world that focus exclusively on residential architecture issues.”


Hard as it is to believe, ArCH is it.  This new group is the only independent society representing the interests and practice of residential architecture, consisting exclusively of licensed architects, on the planet.  While the organization could go global some year, the scope at present spans the United States of America, with initial members from the southwestern USA through North Carolina and from regions just south of Canada, down through Florida.


There are several other architectural organizations in the USA, however, they either primarily represent commercial architecture interests and firms, or allow non-licensed “designers” or other unlicensed people to be part of their membership.  None of these approaches had the proper focus for the ArCH members, who wanted only licensed professionals practicing residential architecture to be the focus.  Not finding this anywhere else, they decided to create their own professional organization to attend to their needs and goals for their own businesses, lives and to further help protect the Health, Safety & Welfare of the Public, while improving residential architecture.


Some of the other architectural organizations have been around for as long as a century and a half.  This made it that much more perplexing as to why there wasn’t a more developed independent entity representing the issues of the licensed residential architect.  Some of these other organizations’ commercial parent societies have tens of millions of dollars in yearly dues from their membership, but little to none of those funds appear to be earmarked for residential architectural interests, concerns and goals, other than a yearly awards program for very contemporary designs and a couple of online blogs.  Rather than work uphill in such situations, the decision was made to form a new entity that can at least use what little funding they can gather in whatever way they wish, to help residential architects, their clients, and to improve the practice of residential architecture, without having to ask permission to do so.


ArCH’s mission is to help protect the Health, Safety  & Welfare of the public, while helping improve the practice and quality of residential architecture.


Why is it in the best interests of the public and in their Health, Safety & Welfare to have a licensed architect designing their new house or residential renovation?  Because licensed individuals have to Earn their titles through legal, professional means, culminating in the earning of the license, granted from each state, allowing each professional to practice.  You technically are Not a “professional” unless you have a license to practice a “profession”.  Anything else is a “wannabe.”

To become an Architect, to have to go to a major university with an accredited, demanding curriculum of architectural training that can last from 5 to 8 years, that allow students to earn a professional degree.  Most people never make it all the way through architectural college and graduate school.  But if you do, then, you have to go through an intensive, multi-year apprenticeship in professional architectural offices, under the watchful eyes of seasoned senior architects.  Some can’t cut it.  Then you must pass a grueling, multi-day NCARB architectural exam, once again, proctored by senior professionals, watching what you do.  Most people do Not pass this exam the first time taking it.  Some never pass.  the attrition rate in architecture is horrific.   Those that make it all the way through deserve it.  They are the best of the best.  Anything less washes out.

Then: you may apply for your architectural license.  Then, finally, you make legally practice the profession of architecture.

Do you know what the requirements to call yourself a “residential designer?”
Zero.  Zip.  Nada.
Some of the other organizations mentioned above, invent “certifications” to apparently confuse the public into thinking that their members are somehow skilled and trained and educated like an architect.  But they’re not.  How do you know?  Because if they were, they could legally be called an Architect, which is the gold standard by which all other design people are compared.
Who do you want designing the place in which you and your family live and weather fierce storms, nurse illnesses and expect durability?  Right: an Architect. We encourage you to hire an Architect to design your next residential project.


ArCH members design houses of all types, sizes and locations, all over the USA, North America and some, globally.  So if you are planning a residential project anywhere in the USA, you may want to consider having an ArCH member design it.  You’ll be getting only the best licensed architect who focuses on residential architecture designing your project.


Any licensed architects out there who are interested in joining ArCH : Architects Creating Homes, or who want to find out more about it, are welcome to review the website at:


or they can e-mail: ArCH E-mail


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