Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Rand Soellner Architect provides Architectural Services.

Not every residential design firm can do this.  Why?  Because only licensed registered architects are legally allowed to perform architectural services.

Even the use of the word “architect” or “architectural” is supposed to be reserved only for those licensed professionals who have earned a University degree, spent a dedicated number of years as an apprentice to other licensed architects, passed a grueling 3-day State administered exam, and each year taken CEUs (Continuing Education Units) to maintain their knowledge in the design industry.

Ask to see the license(s) of your designer, to make sure that they are actually an architect.  Any responsible professional who is in fact licensed, has to, by law, have their license hanging on the wall where they do business, available to all the world to see.  If you do not immediately see the license, especially after requesting to see it, then who you are talking to in all likelihood is not an architect.  You deserve the real thing.  Hire an architect; he or she is specially trained and experienced to satisfy your design needs as no one else on the planet can.  The architect designing your family’s house is sort of like your family doctor, taking care of your family’s health.  Surely you wouldn’t hire anything less than a real doctor to care for your loved ones, so why wouldn’t you engage a real architect?  Your family’s well-being is at stake.

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Architectural Services

Architectural services rendered by licensed professionals include the following:
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents
Bidding-Negotiating (helping to obtain the best value from interested contractors)
Construction Administration (assisting you during construction to make sure you get what you are paying for)
Post Construction Warranty Review(s) (to help you with anything after the project is done)

In addition, there are a host of specialty services your architect can provide, if you desire:
Green Building Analysis
Energy Optimization
Healthy Building Analysis
Value Engineering
Site Analysis
Community Planning & Neighborhood Theming
Interior Design
Design-Build (in association with licensed general contractors)
Forensic Analysis
Expert Witness
Renovation Design Services
Financial Pro Forma Analysis

The above are all architectural services provided by Rand Soellner Architect.

Normally, the more services you desire, the more fees will be required.  Your architect can tailor his approach to provide with the perfect combination of what you want your design professional to accomplish at a reasonable cost.