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These firms plan residential projects in the mountains, Buckhead and other locations preferred by a discerning clientele.


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Atlanta HOME ARCHITECTS ® might consider this approach: a mountain house retreat in Atlanta’s suburbs, as a piece of the mountains in the big city. (C)Copyright Home Architect, PLLC 2005-2012, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
Atlanta skyline photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
Atlanta skyline photo courtesy of Wikipedia.  Something for Atlanta home architects to think about.

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia and are interested in having house plans for an elegant, custom residence design just for you by a luxury house architect, then read on!  Atlanta home architects may actually be from other areas, such as senior staff architect, Rand Soellner, AIA, who lives in Cashiers, North Carolina.  Many of you enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains, only about 2 or 3 hours by car to the northeast of you, in the Cashiers, Lake Toxaway, Sapphire, Glenville and Highlands area.




Atlanta montage courtesy of Wikipedia
Atlanta montage courtesy of Wikipedia.  Atlanta home architects have a lot to think about in this major metropolitan area.  Like how to design people’s homes as a tranquil place, a refuge from the very urbaness of downtown.

Some of you are already clients of this firm, one of the world’s leading custom home architects  and mountain architect 1 (1per Google organic search rankings 2006-2012).  Some of you may already have houses in this mountainous location.  Floor plans and all of the necessary documents required for a mountain residence can be prepared by his company.  Others of you may feel that you would love to have a taste of the mountains in your own backyard, right in Atlanta.  And why not?  Who says that you can’t have a luxury house architect create a custom design, and built for you right here in Atlanta?  Custom residential plans can be created by Atlanta home architects for you and your specific desires.

This is a major rethinking of residential plans, design and architecture in Atlanta, that is known for more sedate styles.  Why must it be this way?  It doesn’t.

Atlanta home architects have a service area that can stretch into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Buckhead, Lake Lanier, Metro Atlanta and outlying areas, east, west, north and south are all served by Luxury Home Design Architect, Rand Soellner.  

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandHOME ARCHITECTS ® have senior staff that lives and works daily in Cashiers, NC and Rand Soellner, AIA, on that staff, has relatives in Newnan, Georgia, which is just southwest of Atlanta.  The features of this company’s designs are not just for mountain houses; they represent functional, logical and artistic enjoyment for homeowners everywhere.   Their new custom house designs have unique arrangements, that have open plans and huge windows to bring the outside in.  Atlanta home architects can bring the outside in and your inside out in the city or in the mountains.

Why is it necessary to retire and move to the mountains to have your luxury house plans prepared for your mountain home only there?  It isn’t.  That is nice, but is not a prerequisite.  If you are starting to think about this, you may wish to give a call to 828-269-9046  or  e-mail at:   and website: .
Do you have a nice site in a beautiful Atlanta neighborhood or possibly acreage in an outlying area like Buckhead, that you look at wistfully, wondering how nice it would be to live there in a splendid housee, designed by an Atlanta home architect, so that you could conveniently commute to work, knowing that every evening you can enjoy the pleasures of fine house ownership, without having to drive to the mountains?  Continue the dream with an outstanding custom residential designer who knows what Atlanta wants: daily mountain-style living without the long drive.

Atlanta home architects & Designing Custom Houses in Atlanta, Buckhead and Surrounding Areas.

HOME ARCHITECTS ® has senior staff with decades of experience designing beautiful custom houses for clients with discriminating tastes.  Although his focus has been on mountain residences, this panache and creativity also lend themselves to more suburban areas as well.  And if you like the idea of living, everyday, in a taste of the mountains, then this company can design the perfect mountain mansion for you in the suburbs of Atlanta, on the shores of Lake Lanier, Lake Hartwell, or in the Blue Ridge Mountains; your choice.  Atlanta home architects are the key to making this happen for you.

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