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When the intrepid 5 horsemen in 1839 were galloping across what has now become known as The Hill Country, little did they know that their recommendation for the new Texas capital would lead to the wonderful mix of skyscrapers, historic governmental structures and lavish suburban homes, many designed there by Austin home architects.


Austin home architects Austin home designAustin began on the north bank of the Colorado River.  Austin is the home of the University of Texas, St. Edward’s University and other institutions of higher learning.

Austin lays claim to the title: Live Music Capital of the World.  Every year, the Austin City Limits Music Festival, along with their broadcasts, reinforces that heritage.  Austin is also home to its own high-tech companies: Silicone Hills is what they call it here.

Austin home architects Austin residential architectsMore than 25 bed and breakfasts provide alternative lodging for out of town guests; make your reservation well in advance.

Many Austin homes look newer and much more high-tech than the humble cottage to the left.  Rand Soellner, ArCH, RA, NCARB, senior staff architect at HOME ARCHITECTS ®, is one of the world’s leading residential architects.  He believes that a good place to start is with an understanding of the historic houses in a given area, that gives clues as to why things look as they appear to day and how they evolved.  Austin home architects have different approaches to their craft.

Merry Soellner, who was born and raised in Dallas, is an interior decorator and real estate broker.  Her husband is click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandRand Soellner, AIA.  Merry said that due to the rolling Hill Country, HOME ARCHITECTS ® would be a welcome contributor as an Austin Home Architect.  Merry said that Austin Home Architects (in the hilly areas) would need to respond to the topography of the area, like her husband’s firm is used to doing, in the many mountainous regions where his projects are throughout the USA and the World.

Austin Home Architects

and Historical Roots of Homes in the Hill Country Area

Austin home architects Austin residential architectsRand Soellner, AIA, noticed that there are some structures in the Austin area that have stood the test of time, like this Mayfield Park stone cottage structure.  Soellner appreciates the heritage of older buildings like this, “Austin residential architects can have a respect for indigenous materials,” said Soellner, “Austin houses in the Hill Country, especially, can look like they grew from the underlying bedrock, giving a sense of timeless character to them.  Austin residential architects can create a sense of this timelessness,” said Soellner, ” it is ennobling.  There is a tremendous sense of repose that can achieved when you do this.  I have actually had clients call me after they have moved into my residential designs and said: ‘I am sitting here in this magnificent living room, gazing at my mountain view, feeling the stability of the native rock fireplace to the side of me, appreciating the giant doors that let in the glorious views and light, and I just wanted to thank you!'”  Soellner smiles, enjoying the fact that his clients appreciate his efforts.  Rand’s firm has been contacted by several people in the Hill Country area and is looking forward to designing some special houses here.

(C)Copyright 2004-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. photo by Mark Hutchison.  Eagle Mountain Aerie designed by Rand Soellner Architect.

One of firm’s mountain designs, the Eagle Mountain Aerie (left), is created for hilly, mountainous regions, similar to the Texas Hill Country.  The company’s services include practicing as timber frame architects.


Hill Country Highway, illustrating the bedrock underlying the rolling hills.

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