Be Optimistic about your House Project

Be Optimistic about your House Project

Let’s say that again: BE OPTIMISTIC not only about your proposed house project, but about everything.

Why: because if you are the reverse (pessimistic) you are bound to be correct more often than optimists.  And that is a track record of accuracy that you do not want to have.

Architects are largely more often optimists.  Why?  Because architects have faith in you and your vision for your projects.  Your project, especially for your architect, is an act of creativity, visualization, faith, dreams, and optimism.  It’s about making something from nothing.  Taking the whirling electrons in our brains and turning them into coherent thoughts that foretell of a magnificent structure to be built to house you and your family and your lifestyle and allow you to see the fabulous views from your proposed large windows.  That’s what an architect does.  That requires optimism.  Faith that mere ideas can become something wonderful in which to live.

Your builder has to be optimistic as well.  He has to have the faith that he can build your house from your architect’s documents, that detail your vision of your proposed residence.  You want and need him or her to be optimistic.  That will help them construct a happy house for you and your loved ones, that successfully solve the multitude of issues every construction project has.  Optimism builds.  It is powerful, and supercharges your project.

So, if you ever feel down, dispirited, unhappy, in short: pessimistic, re-energize yourself, Buckaroo.  The bad times will not, cannot last.  They will pass.  You will persevere.  Have a vision of what you will be, where you will be, and what great positive things you will accomplish.  This means: be optimistic.

Little things in your daily life can make all the difference.  Do not accept that the bad will continue.  Do not believe that bad things will consume you.  Allow good things to help build you instead.   Today’s economy is challenging.  Of course.  It is improving now.  Believe it.  Embrace it.  Know it.  This does not mean that you should take risky chances.  It means you should allow the miracles to happen and to recognize them when they appear in your life and to have the courage to act on them, when the results can only be good.

Architects have an interesting life.  There are good years, bad years, mediocre years, going down years and going up years.  From now on, let’s all make a pact to have only good years and going up years.  Let’s be careful about what we do, but let’s definitely Do.  Something.  Positive.

I guess what this particular post is about is our interesting economy and the new year and what it holds for all of us on this planet.  It appears on the mend.  Let’s all Make it mend and improve.  That can only be good for you, for your loved ones and our nation and our world.  Know good things are happening.  Especially for you.  Be optimistic.

I have noticed that my website traffic has doubled lately.  I now enjoy anywhere from 70,000 to 109,000 website visits a year.  That has got to be optimistic.  All those people thinking of having an architect design their house.  Thank you for visiting with me.  I really appreciate the time you take to see what I do.  I am an optimist and I design nice houses for people all over the USA and the world.  Here’s wishing you an upbeat new year; a wonderfully happy one, filled with joy, with planning good things for the future, with a marvelous vision!