Benefits of House Designs

Benefits of Architect’s Residential Designs are many.

Some of these benefits:

1. ENJOYMENT OF A WELL-DESIGNED HOUSE: living in a piece of art that also happens to be an extremely functional dwelling is an experience of ownership that is so satisfying that it is hard to describe, unless you have personally experienced it.  Things fit.  Elements of your house have been custom arranged to look good, to feel good, to wrap around your lifestyle like nothing you have ever enjoyed before.  If you could afford to have a custom vehicle created around you, would be about the closest situation imaginable that might be similar.


2.  CAPTURING OF YOUR SITE VIEWS: more benefits of home architects designs are how your expert custom residential design orients, frames and focuses the available views with elements of your house.  Typically, these components are framed glass doors and windows.  Outside, where mass and void are arranged results in the views and the hierarchy of them.  Obviously, when this architectural firm sees views to a lake or waterfall or stream, they ares going to make sure that you enjoy that in the design.


They will plan major areas of glass in those directions.  Furthermore, those areas of glass will be arranged so that when you walk around your house or sit in your favorite chair or sofa, you will be able to comfortably enjoy those views.


3.  CREATIVE SPACIAL ARRANGEMENTS: HOME ARCHITECTS ® arrange your space to allow for normal habitable rooms to enjoy the major views.  These would often be your main Living Room, Kitchen (yes, your Kitchen deserves a view!), your Dining Room, your master bedroom and master bathroom, your home office, Outdoor Living Room and other primary spaces.


4.  SPECTACULAR KITCHEN DESIGNS: this company believes that your kitchen is one of the most important spaces of your house.  It is the heart of your home.  That is where your family collects to review the events of the day as the chefs (usually the mom and or the dad) prepare the main meal.  Family members collect at a large central island counter often.  They lean across to taste the sauce that you are offering to them right from the pot.  They smack their lips and smile, enjoying your culinary talents.  This is a happy, wonderful space of coming together.  Warm, inviting, social.  It takes some room.  And it takes some special upgrade appliances.  Soellner can handle this all for you.  As a home architect, he will carefully listen to all of your wishes and incorporate them all.



5.  LATEST ADVANCES IN TECHNOLOGY, CODE – LAW, COMFORT: Because licensed architects are required by law to stay up to date with the latest enforced building codes, you receive the benefit of knowing that you will be living in a house designed to (and beyond) these standards.  This is no small consideration.  For instance, architects that specialize in residential design like Rand Soellner, are knowledgeable with not only what the latest health, safety, energy and comfort features are for a house, but for commercial structures as well.  Soellner then applies these, where appropriate to house designs.  For instance: Soellner became aware of the new IGCC (International Green Construction Code) and the commercial building requirements for radon reduction systems.  Rand noticed that single family housing was exempt from this requirement and felt that his clients should have the health benefits of not having to live with radon (in areas where this is an issue).  So, Rand Soellner Architect now indicates the diagram for a Radon Reduction System for all of his residential projects as an option for his clients.  Doesn’t your new house project deserve such considerations?  Mere “house designers” probably are not aware of features like this, because they do not have to comply with any regulatory body (they are not licensed professionals like architects are).  Your family deserves to be happy, healthy and comfortable.



6.  HEALTHY HOME DESIGN FEATURES: benefits of home architects designs continue with having a healthy house.  Soellner offers, for your consideration, multiple upgrades for features like electronic HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning) filters, that zap dust particles in your air stream.  This makes it unnecessary to ever have dirty paper air filters ever again.   Soellner also specifies healthy interior finishes that are low-maintenance and result in a cleaner indoor environment.  The home architects also suggest other options that improve the health of your home and reduce its energy consumption, such as the material for your ductwork and other systems.


7.  ENERGY EFFICIENT FEATURES: Soellner offers, for your consideration, owner optional upgrades for your windows, doors, HVAC equipment, roofing, window treatments and other items that will all help reduce the amount of energy it takes to operate your house and make it feel comfortable.  Soellner was the architect who programmed, master planned and conceptually designed the new Florida Solar Energy Center in the late 1980s, so he knows something about this subject.


8.  OPTIMIZED FUNCTIONAL SPACE DESIGN: other benefits of home architects designs are: spaces in your house designed to accomplish the functional requirements.  Sometimes this requires considerable space.  Other times, this takes less room.  Soellner doesn’t waste a square inch.  Spaces work well in Soellner designed houses.  Soellner doesn’t stop at the walls.  For instance, your vehicle circulation space.



Not many people understand the room cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks require to maneuver.  Quite a lot.  Also, have you ever dinged your doors on the wife or husband’s vehicle parked next to your in your garage?  That is not likely to happen in a HOME ARCHITECTS ® designed garage.  Why not?


This firm shows the correct size of the vehicles to be located in your garage and indicates the door swings and plans the width of the bays so that if you park in the center of each parking space is should be impossible to contact anything with your doors, if you permit Soellner to design your garage in this manner.  And this is just one example.  Some people have large interior furnishings.  We show it right on the drawings, so that you know they will fit and work properly.


9.  FURNITURE LOCATIONS AND ARRANGEMENTS DESIGNED AS PART OF THE HOUSE: One of the company’s trademarks is the fact that he begins with the furniture arrangements of the house, using furniture sizes that are real.  For instance, he typically indicates a King bed in a Master Bedroom, along with nightstands that can hold a book and several other items.  Soellner uses real furniture sizes.  He has seen in other designs, the disasters that can happen when this is not considered.  Soellner home architects begin with the furniture placement and design the house around that.  That is why you will see furniture on all of his plans, even the electrical drawings, so that you  and the builders can understand how you will be using the space so that building features are convenient to the furniture and hence people placement in the residence.  Why doesn’t everyone do it this way?  It takes more thought and more work.  But it’s the right way to do it.  If you don’t see furniture on house plans, then you really don’t know if those plans work properly.  This firm’s do.


10.  HOME VALUE ENGINEERING TO SAVE YOU MONEY AND HELP YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY FOR: benefits of quality designs include the wonderful and amazing abilities this company to arrange your drawings and specifications into Base Bid and Owner Optional Upgrade packages.  This pre-planning makes sure that your contractors can bid on not only the most economical materials and features for your house, but on grouped packages of your upscale wish lists.  By compartmentalizing these features, materials and systems into these defined packages, your contractor will supply ala carte pricing for you to review and pick and choose what you wish to have and what you decide you want to pay for.


You are the one in the driver’s seat as to what you ultimately pay for your house, based upon your choices.  Some firms just pile everything together into one giant assembly, just waiting for the contractor to shock your with what is sure to be a high price.  Soellner prefers to partition owner optional items to give you the ability to decide how nice you want your house and what you pay for the various upscale packages.  This is a breakthrough method, brought to custom home architecture from Soellner’s commercial experience.  For instance, our senior staff Architect was Architect of Record on a $74 million theme park project that he helped Value Engineer down to $50 million.  That’s some serious ability there.  Please allow this firm to put these skills to work for you on your house project, by engaging the Home Architects.


11.  FUNCTIONAL AND AESTHETIC MASTER BATHROOM AND CLOSET DESIGNS: this company provides bathroom and closet suite designs second to none.  2-person steam showers, fireplaces in the bathroom, electronic toilets that sense your presence and raise the lid (we’re not kidding!).  towel storage (yes, we don’t forget the essentials), plant counters, whirlpool bathtubs (if you wish) flanked with spacious windows affording spectacular views of your property.  Slate floor tile with heating elements under the surface for warm feet.  Toilet and bidet rooms with a view.  His and Her vanity areas with substantial drawer storage, windows and mirrors.  Heated towel racks.  Direct access into your Dressing Room/Master Closet.  Double doors.  Spacious closets, some with center islands with copper sinks and coffee makers and flatscreen tvs as a Good Morning Room in your Master Suite, should you so desire.  Rolling library ladders giving access to upper level storage if you wish.  We’re not your typical bathroom architects!  We’re the ones that put the “Wow!” into master suites.


12. OUTDOOR LIVING ROOMS AND PORCHES: Soellner designs Outdoor Living Rooms for most of their client house projects, often as roofed spaces with screening.  Some have outdoor televisions, outdoor dining tables and seating, Summer Kitchens with full bars and grills (including mechanical ventilation to remove the smoke).  Soellner also frequently provides a Sleeping Porch outside of the Master bedroom, often with an outdoor fireplace, cedar plank bed and optional hottub for those romantic evenings right there in your own house.  This is the stuff that getaway vacations to exotic locations are made of.  But they can be right there in your own house, designed by the home architects.  Soellner also designs amazing Porte-Cocheres for the front of your home if you wish.  A porte-cochere is sort of a fancy rustic style entry drive-through carport, but is typically framed with heavy timber beams and posts with stone pedestals.  Soellner designed the largest residential porte-cochere in Lake Toxaway in one of his house projects.  He also creates more modest arrangements, depending on your wishes and functional needs.



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