Books about Residential Architecture

Books about Residential Architecture

For books about residential architecture, you’ve come to the right place.  HOME ARCHITECTS ® writes more books about residential architecture than any other Architect on the planet, to our knowledge.


books about residential architecture













Here are a few books about residential architecture authored by this company: (see below):


















(in progress: not yet released)




Here’s the company’s BOOKSTORE website page with these architectural book titles:
Bookstore for residential architecture


Most of these are FREE downloads.


All of the architectural books from this company are E-books, meaning that they are totally electronic.  This allows you to download and read them on your smartPhone, i-Pad, PC or laptop and read them wherever you like and save and store them wherever you like.  Just click on the image of the book on the website, fill out a few blanks on a form and press Send and the book(s) will be on its way to you through the Internet.
















There’s a lot of valuable information in each and every one of these architectural books.  Information that is Not common knowledge.  Most of these e-books are created to provide good information in bite-sized pieces with bold text and graphics that are easy to understand and read.  And they are typically short: usually 20 to 30 pages or so.   However, one book will be much longer, but it has not yet been released.


The reason this architectural company created these books is to help educate their Clients.  However, they have found that an equal number of the downloads appear to be from other Architects!  That is interesting.  If the books created by this company serve to provide a knowledge base that is common to many other companies, they see that as a good thing.  The information in these books was obtained from over 4 decades of practice, creating custom houses for Clients all over the USA and commercial projects all over the world.


To date, they believe that their various architectural books have been downloaded several thousand times, and every day, there are usually about another 10+ downloads, from all over the planet.  365 days a year x 10 = 3,650 downloads a year +/-. 



















They project that within a decade, if the rate is steady, over 36,500 downloads will have been made.  However, this rate could easily increase, meaning the total could end up being over 100,000 or more.  The firm is delighted to provide quality information to the USA and world, helping homeowners everywhere to know more about the process of the design and construction of their custom residential project.


The firm uses actual digital photos from its own projects for most of the cover art and other graphics for their books.  They engage their website programmers to add some finishing 3D touches to the presentation image, but the entire book information is directly written by Licensed professional Architects who design residences every day and who have, for decades.


These books about residential architecture tell you what happens next, step by step in the process.  The books described the research, meetings, and even provides some linked spreadsheet forms to help you evaluate your choices for some of the volumes.  They tell you how to approach an Architect, how to select a General Contractor, what features to plan for, and describe the process from A to Z and how you fit into the methodology.















Do yourself a favor: check out these Free architectural books today, if you’re planning on doing a custom house anytime in the next year or two.  You’ll learn a lot, which makes the price (free) a bargain.  For instance, here’s just one professional tips that will save you Months of wasted searching and time: 
Look for the Perfect Architect, rather than the Perfect Plans online. 







Read this company’s “How to Hire An Architect” to understand why. 



CONTACT for books about residential architecture:   828-269-9046





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