Cabin Creek Timber Frame Alliance

Cabin Creek Timber Frame Alliance

Cabin Creek Timber Frames and HOME ARCHITECTS ® have formed an alliance to work together on projects where Cabin Creek Clients want the expertise of an Architect designing their project and where HOME ARCHITECT’s Clients desire a timber frame fabricator.


Cabin Creek Timber Frame Alliance
From left: Dr. Joe Bell, Cabin Creek, Rand Soellner, ArCH, HOME ARCHITECTS, John Booker, Cabin Creek.

“This is a win-win-win for both firms and especially for the Client,” said Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB, Senior Staff Architect for the architectural company.  The Architect creates custom house designs for Clients nationwide. 














They’ve been looking for a highly-qualified and experienced timber frame fabricator that had the same interests and abilities to provide their systems across the USA.  And both firms are within about 20 miles of each other in western NC.


Dr. Joe Bell, owner and operator of Cabin Creek Timber Frames, said: “It’s nice to know that we can depend on a licensed Architect with National reach and ability to help those Clients of ours looking for that higher-level of design capability.  Together, with our one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted timber frames, we can jointly provide all the architectural and timber frame fabrication abilities anyone could want.  I don’t know of any other joint affiliation like this in the entire United States: the #1 Timber Frame Architect in the Country, working together with the best timber frame fabricator in the USA, to provide our joint Clients with the best quality design and timber frames possible.  It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Cabin Creek Timber Frame Alliance
Cabin Creek Timber Frame’s large shop in Franklin, NC.











Soellner added: “Having National design and shipping ability helps this team of affiliated companies satisfy the needs of our mutual Clients across the USA.  Client get the best of the best providing outstanding design with top-notch timber frame fabrication and delivery.  And Cabin Creek can also provide a highly experienced on-site foreman to help guide the raising of the timber frame anywhere in the Country. “


The Architect has a National reputation as the #1 timber frame Architect in the USA.  If you Google “Timber Frame Architects” they are usually in the top 3, nationwide, if not #1, even ranking above the Timber Frame Business Council.

 Cabin Creek is widely known as the best hand-crafted timber frame fabrication company in the USA, and ships its timber frames to Clients as far away as Washington State.  When people want the best timber frame, they engage Cabin Creek.  Cabin Creek has a deep understanding of the characteristic of the various species of wood used in timber frames and how they react to varying environments.  That knowledge helps them assemble the best wood for each project.

Cabin Creek Timber Frame Alliance3
Big wood in Cabin Creek’s shop resting on timber work trestles. The trestles are like huge sawhorses, which are necessary to support the weight of the timbers and keep things stable.



















Cabin Creek invented the octagonal timber peg, which Cabin Creek sells to other timber framers around the Country.  Cabin Creek found, through long-term trial and error, that using a round timber peg (or dowel) is dangerous, as when the wood of the timbers and the peg shrink (as they all do), the pegs can be in danger of falling out.  And that’s what holds the structural joints together.  Therefore, Dr. Bell applied his considerable knowledge of wood and woodworking to the problem and arrived at an ideal and simple solution: an octagonal peg, made a little larger than the bore hole. 

Cabin Creek timber frame alliance
Cabin Creek’s unique octagonal timber peg insures tight connections that remain in place permanently.

When this over-side peg is hammered home, it compresses the wood fibers of the adjacent wood mortise, tenon and/or splice plate.  This make this peg just about impossible to remove, even when all of the wood members shrink.  Brilliant! 











This Cabin Creek exclusive innovation is gathering interest nationally, to the point where other timber frame companies are now ordering and purchasing Cabin Creek’s signature solution to this industry problem.  It’s this level of expertise that Cabin Creek brings to every project, insuring that their timber frames endure for generations.


Cabin Creek’s attention to detail comes through in every timber frame they fabricate and raise.  Each mortise, tenon and splice plate are custom hand-crafted by their crew of talented artisans.  Nothing is mass-produced here.  Every timber joint is a work of heart, soul and love.  If businesses have a soul, then Cabin Creek has it.  Their timber frames have warmth, charm and integrity.

Cabin Creek Timber Frame Alliance
Cabin Creek craftsman shaping a tenon.


Married with the Nation’s best timber frame Architect, Clients now have the choice of hiring the best possible team of design + fabrication. 


Contact:   828-269-9046 
and Dr. Joe Bell:  828-369-5899

Tell them you want the best licensed timber frame Architect designing your project, working together with the best Timber Framer in the Country.




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