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Cashiers NC Architect Wins Award for House Design

cashiers nc architect

Cashiers NC architect Rand Soellner wins Editor’s Choice design award for creating this residence.  Soellner spends his life creating nice houses for his clients.  He said it is gratifying to be recognized for the efforts.  “The important thing is that my clients are happy with the design,” said Rand, “receiving awards are just the icing on the cake.”

e-mail cashiers nc architectCashiers North Carolina is in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This natural enviroment serves as inspiration to this Cashiers NC architect.  Below, you can see the the actual mountain view framed by the outdoor living room of this house, designed by Rand Soellner.  Laurel Knob is the name of that cliff, directly across the Cashiers Valley.  That is the tallest sheer granite cliff face in the eastern United States.

Being a Cashiers NC architect carries with it certain implied sacred environmental responsibilities.  With views like this, you want to make the most of them.  People who buy land with views this spectacular expect to have major window and glass areas framing them after a home is built and they are living in a house there.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes planning.

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cashiers nc architect

Where’s the bedrock?  A Cashiers NC architect needs to know.

Being a Cashiers NC architect means you have to know about where the granite bedrock lies under the soil of where your home design will be placed, and knowing how to secure your house to that.  It also means understanding the hurricane gale winds of 130 mph roaring up the mountain slopes and slamming into your designs and knowing how to resist that with special wind post and wind beams, like Cashiers NC architect Rand Soellner.  Rand routinely provides these sorts of precautions into all of his residential designs.  There are other things you have to know about as well, like mountain siding, roofing, waterproofing, doors and windows, even appliances, paving and in general construction issues in the mountains.  Even septic field and tanks require special knowledge.  You may find that you have to run piping for hundreds of feet before finding adequate soil depth and type that will be acceptable to the Jackson County Health Department.  Any Cashiers NC architect knows these things.

cashiers nc architect

Geography around a Cashiers NC architect.

Highlands is to the west of Cashiers and Sapphire and Lake Toxaway are to the east.  Being a Cashiers NC architect means that you also design homes in these other villages as well.  The borders between them along US highway 64 are all just about indistinguishable from each other; where one ends and the other begins.  Despite the compact size of these towns, this happens to be one of the most popular summer through fall vacation Meccas in the southeastern United States.  That is because Cashiers is at the southern tip of the entire Appalachian Mountain chain.  This means that Cashiers is the most temperate of all the mountain locations in the entire southeast USA.  So perhaps now you are starting to understand what makes this place so special.   A Cashiers NC architect enjoys his job here in this special place, Rand Soellner for one can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Contact info for Cashiers NC architect:  Rand Soellner Architect, www.HomeArchitects.com 828-269-9046.

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