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Ownership of Your Custom House Starts Here

Ownership of your own custom house starts here, with the design architect.  This is what Rand Soellner Architect does.  The General Contractor will be the one who puts a price on it and he is also the one who builds it.  Your custom residential architect is the one who creates the design upon which they […]
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Inquiries Up, New Clients, PR4

Hello clients, friends, family and fans of Rand Soellner Architect.  Good news! INCREASED INQUIRIES:  We are receiving an increase in inquiries in the form of phone calls, e-mails and internet traffic. WEBSITE TRAFFIC UP: Our website now routinely receives about 6,000 hits a month, which yields over 70,000 hits a year.  That may not be […]
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Be Optimistic about your House Project

Let’s say that again: BE OPTIMISTIC not only about your proposed house project, but about everything. Why: because if you are the reverse (pessimistic) you are bound to be correct more often than optimists.  And that is a track record of accuracy that you do not want to have. Architects are largely more often optimists.  […]
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