Certificate of Green Understanding

This is the certificate of green understanding page.

Congratulations!  You have gone through the Green Home Design University course of study.  Make sure you have read each of the page modules and correctly answered all of the questions for each webpage module.  You are now at the certificate of green understanding page.  This is the satisfying conclusion of your taking and passing each test for each of the Rand Soellner Green Home Architects min-courses.  Once again, make sure you have taken all of the courses of study that is discussed in detail on the Green Home Design University page here:  Green Home Design University.  Only printout this certificate when you have passed the entire green course of study.  You are on the honor system.

Print your Certificate of Green Understanding:

certificate of green understanding

1.  Click on the image of the certificate.

2. Click Save to download your certificate.

3.  Print.

4.  Frame, hang on your wall and enjoy.  Congratulations!

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