Client Centered Architectural Design Process

Client Centered Architectural Design Process

The Client Centered Architectural Design Process is the method by which the HOME ARCHITECTS ® create their projects for their clients.  This title is also the name of the new 33-page mini-e-book written by the company to help their clients understand “what comes next?”


The company is in the middle of reformatting their website and on this new website will be multiple books that the firm has created to explain various aspects of the design and construction process.  This is being done to help website visitors gain useful and valuable information about how the design and construction phases work.



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Client Centered Architectural Design Process, (C) Copyright 2012-2013, Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Click on the image of the book for the free PDF download.

All of these e-books (Electronic books) are downloadable as PDFs.  Where you see the image of a book cover on the website that interests you, all you need to do is click on that virtual book image on the  website , fill out a few lines of information on a pop-up form, then the download is sent to you.   Most of these e-books are free, like the Client Centered Architectural Design Process.


In the Client-Centered Process book, there are diagrams that depict the main 8 phases of the process: Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding-Pricing-Value Engineering, Construction Administration, Warranty Period, Post-Warranty Period.  The diagrams help identify what phases are in Architectural Basic Services, which might be considered Extended Basic Optional Services (for Single Family Residential projects) and which are Additional Optional Services for many projects.


















client centered architectural design process
One of the images from the Client Centered Architectural Design Process mini-e-book.
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Core services for many Architects (certainly for this firm) include 1. Programming, 2. Schematic Design, 3. Design Development and 4. Construction Documents for single family custom house projects.


The e-book includes not only diagrams, but also an easy-to-understand one-page summary of the entire 8-step process.  This summarizes each phase of the typical project, with helpful graphics.


Then, there is a mini-chapter overview of each of the 8 phases, describing what happens, first, next and last.  This is an overview, not in great detail (which is what a future, novel-length book will describe).  This present mini-e-book is intended to be a quick read, light and easy, to help give you a swift understanding of what is going on now and what will happen next.


A unique feature of the book, are “CCA” line items, which stands for: Client-Centered Activity.  This helps explain how this firm’s process starts with you and stays focused on you, throughout the entire project, which is part of what makes this process unique.















Okay, now how about a quick summary of what happens in each phase:

client centered architectural design process
This is the 1-page summary page in the e-book, explaining, in brief the entire project process.
Click on the image above to see the company’s Design Philosophy.

1. PROGRAMMING: You talk, the Architect listens and take notes and studies what you have (such as your Site, if you have one at this point), then produces a list of items, called “Programming” for the project, for your review and comments.

2.  SCHEMATIC DESIGN: Architect creates a preliminary design, typically a concept Site Plan and Floor Plans for your review.

3.  DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Architect creates revised plans (based on your input and more detailed information) and also produces exterior elevations.

4.  CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: Detailed documents are created by the Architect to depict various conditions of the project, including sections, details, various schedules and specifications.
























5.  BIDDING-PRICING-VALUE ENGINEERING: Your Architect can manage the bidding/pricing of your project with licensed General Contractors (GCs), to insure that the bids are “apples to apples”, and answer questions, and issue various followup documents and analyze the results.  As an option, your Architect can also provide Value Engineering services to help cut costs after the bids are received, coordinating with the Contractor(s).

6.  WARRANTY PERIOD: after the project is built, there is a period of time during which various elements of the project have varying warrantees.  Your Architect can help you understand what is covered, and how to obtain service or replacement, possibly at no cost to you for the covered items.

7.  POST WARRANTY PERIOD: after the warrantees expire, your project may need assistance, from time to time, with maintenance, renovations, additions, with which the Architect can provide assistance in obtaining.


To see more detailed information, download the FREE E-BOOK: Client-Centered- Architectural Design Process


To talk to the firm about this process, call: 828-269-9046 or Email:


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