Commercial Timber Frame Architecture

Commercial Timber Frame Architecture

The Rand Soellner Architect firm has been recently asked to consider designing several commercial timber frame projects.  Soellner’s answer is: YES!  Just this last week, Rand Soellner was approached by a large manufacturing company to create a timber framed shop for them.  Also, Soellner was asked to consider a 9 acre retail – commercial – hotel – restaurant – nature development.  Due to client confidentiality, the location cannot be revealed at this time.

The clients want mountain – themed timber frame / post and beam design approaches.  For the timber frame shop, the client has also asked Soellner to create some exterior appearance renovations for the surrounding industrial structures to refresh a 12 acre manufacturing grouping of buildings into a timber-framed themed cohesive public image.

While Rand Soellner’s website is strong on residential architecture, if you look on the right side menus for PROJECT INDEX, then once there, look for Mountain Resort Architects, that will give you some idea of the Soellner firm’s commercial timber capabilities.  Or click here: mountain resort architects .  There is more information about commercially related post and beam design work on the Multi Family Housing selection on that Project Index page.

Also, if you look in the Popular Design Services portion of the right-side menu of the website, click on “Timber Frame Architects.”  That gives some general background on that specialty.  Or click here:  timber frame architects

Rand Soellner has been designing, managing, detailing, specifying and working on post and beam projects for a long time.  He was the architect of record on about half of Jurassic Park in Orlando.  That project had a great deal of large timbers, timber trusses, special post and beam arrangement and special conditions to suit that world-class theme destination.  Click here: recreational architect to see images and read more information about that amazing project.  Project cost was between $50 million to $74 million.

The information being conveyed here is that Soellner designs much more than post and beam houses.  If you are a developer or land owner, or are looking for a commercial timber frame architect to create a special project for you, Soellner may be the architect for whom you are looking.

Or, give Rand Soellner a call: 1-828-269-9046 from just about anywhere in the world.  He would be glad to discuss your project.