Coronavirus, Architecture & Politics

Coronavirus, Architecture & Politics

Coronavirus, Architecture & Politics is about how a leading architectural residential design firm views the current situation.


Vice President Mike Pence, along with other Coronavirus Task Force personnel (such as Alex Azar) from the administration have done an outstanding job of ramping up and coordinating the CDC, WHO, FDA and other health organizations globally, to combat the Coronavirus, a pathogen originating in China.  And President Trump deserves kudos for his leadership in helping the CDC and Homeland Security and other USA security organizations for stopping air traffic coming into the USA from China and from other infected countries, starting early during the virus outbreak.  This prompt action has no doubt prevented an epidemic from gaining a foothold in the USA.  But even that is no guarantee that the virus won’t infect people in America.  It has; but not in a widely spread manner to date.

Unfortunately, the leadership of the Democratic House in the USA continues its unrelenting “Kill Trump” craziness (Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi), along with mainstream media, opposing whatever the current Republican administration is doing to combat the disease.  Whatever our duly elected President says, the Democrats immediately condemn, nor will they agree to fund anything the administration proposes to help fight the virus and its spread.  Fortunately, this administration has other resources to obtain funding in its war on Coronavirus (DESPITE the Democrats blocking their efforts to combat the disease).  That is partisanship of the worst possible kind (cut your nose off to spite yourself).  Fortunately, due to the administration’s resourcefulness, America is as prepared as it can be.


However, there are certain scientific realities that the Democrats will no doubt blame the current administration for, such as: it will take scientists working together around the world, about 18 months to have a Coronavirus Vaccine available for mass prevention of the disease.  So said the World Health Organization in this recent article:

dated 2/17/2020.  And according to the WHO, it normally takes 2 to 5 years to develop a new vaccine for a new viral disease.  So 18 months from 2/2020 = 8/2021 when we can start to see the vaccine.


It is testimony to the current Republican administration that the normal CDC red tape has been slashed, while still adhering to necessary precautions in order to fast track the development of the Coronavirus vaccine.  And shame on both the Democrats and the mainstream media for politicizing this current worldwide health emergency.  Everyone on the planet should be working together to reduce the problem, not weaponize the situation for political jabs at their opponents.  Very few Democrats admit reality and share in the scolding of their colleagues.  Representative Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat), candidate for President, says that we all need to work together as a nation and not politicize this current worldwide health issue.  Good for her.  Democrats ought to seriously consider voting for her, while the old-time leadership there continue to reinforce partisanship, to the detriment of the USA.


Many products are made in China.  It would be a better idea for Architects to specify products solely made in the USA.  Why: because Coronavirus might be on materials shipped from China, where it originated and where there are more cases of the disease.  It would be wiser to only use products made in America, so we’re not unintentionally bringing in the virus from other places in the world that have the infection there.  Let’s not allow the virus to hop a ride on construction materials.  That could build-in the virus into houses and other buildings made in the USA, which is a grim thought.  Rather, let’s use healthy products that are sourced from the good old USA.  Also: construction workers should be provided with portable water and sinks, allowing them to wash their hands before eating and after using toilet facilities.


When shopping and using a shopping cart, wipe down the handles and parts you touch with sanitary wipes provided by the store.  Don’t touch your face and other parts of your body while out if  you don’t have to do so.

Wash your hands immediately upon returning from home.

Avoid out of country travel.

Avoid airplane travel.

Avoid people whom have recently traveled on an aircraft, particularly out of the country.

Avoid high-population centers where there are many people, if possible.

Avoid touching things you don’t have to when outside of your house, particularly in higher population centers like retail stores and airports.

Hunker down with precautions like these until 8/2021, when the vaccine may begin to be available.  Then take the vaccine and you should hopefully become immune.



Stay safe out there.