Dining Furniture Update

Dining Furniture Update

Dining Furniture Update is about this Architect’s dining area (built 2018) and new furniture on the way, along with some other nice touches.

Here you can see the current status.  The wonderful orchids are mainly gifts from happy clients of Merry Soellner, Real Estate Broker.  Something about this corner of the house, seems to favor their growth.  Lots of light, mainly coming from the south and west, but filtered through an adjacent thick patch of hardwood trees and pines.  Something magic about that works for these otherwise difficult to grow flowers, prized for their amazing flower petals.


The dining table there is a brand new addition, in the HOME ARCHITECTS evolving Industrial Mountain Style of architecture and interior architecture.  Black iron turnbuckles on the base add a nice touch of industrial imagery.  Thick timber posts and trestle base members evoke images of the mountain traditions, but updated with the black metal touches.  Can easily seat 8.  Center leaf has already been installed.


Yes: the chairs are all wrong, being old home style country cornpone, bought in another century in other circumstances.  They have served their owners well, but their style needs updating.  Those are biding their time until the very cool slick Bennett chairs are built and delivered (23 week lead time from Ohio Amish Store).

Bennett Chairs courtesy Amish Ohio Store

Never would have expected such a nice updated ergonomic (back bent to conform to human spine curve) style chair from such old-school craftsmen, but they offer dozens of choices.  Not cheap.  Ordered in Antique Slate (gray) custom stain on oak, to go with the medium gray leather new sofas ordered (also 23 week lead time), which me may see by Christmas.  More photos then.  Will probably order gray leather cushions for the 8 new Bennett chairs.  The Architect liked these because they look a lot like some FLLW (Frank Lloyd Wright) dining chairs, BUT have incorporated the rear spine curve (which Mr. Wright just could never bring himself to incorporate).


The old Oriental rug has been replaced with an Abstract Expressionistic rug that sort of looks like a misty morning in the mountains, or a quiet snowy meadow, or other imagery that takes our imaginations into the environment.  And also protects the engineered birch wood flooring from the chair legs.  This new rug has mainly grays, white, beige and a few touches of blue.  The grays will be to go with the new living area medium gray leather sofas, chairs and ottomans. The same rug has been repeated in the adjacent living area in the open plan space.


Part of the INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE provided by most Architects.