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Your Dream Home and Your Dream Home Architects

Dream Home : even the words conjure images of wonderful views, family happiness and the good life.  How did you get to this webpage?  Did you type in the words: “dream home,” into your search engine browser?  Well, answer this question, please: what now?  What happens when you find a lot of images that you gradually begin to believe that might incorporate some of the features that you think your dream home should have?  Do you think that you will give all of that to a builder and that he or she will then make it for you?  They really don’t do that.  So what is the process?  What is the missing ingredient in establishing your dream home; in turning it into reality?

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Your dream home architects can be involved in your project as soon as want them to begin providing advice.

Your dream home architects.  They are the ones that discuss with you your wants and needs for your desired residence.  You may wonder: “At what point should I call my architects to begin planning and designing my house?”  The answer is: as soon as possible.  Why?  Because if your dream home architects know what they are doing, they can advise you as to your property purchase for your project, if you have not already acquired your acreage.  How so?  Well, are you aware that having too narrow of a parcel of land could potentially restrict the width of your dream home?  And this could dictate proportions that may not be ideal for your desires.  Also, knowledgeable residential architects can “read” your land, giving you insights as to the geology of the area, which can affect the cost of your foundations, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars, simply by adjusting the precise location of your dream home.

Let’s make a list, okay?

Top 10 reasons to engage dream home architects as soon as possible:

1.  Dream home architects reason 1:

advice on the size of your site.

2.  Dream home architects reason 2:

dream home
Dream house architects know how to read the geology of special places.

advice on the best views you can obtain from various site possibilities, and on your geology and foundations, solar and wind orientations, and privacy considerations from neighboring parcels.  For instance, if you are on mountainous terrain or beside a lake, your foundation will likely require special arrangements.

3.  Dream home architects reason 3:

counsel on desirable neighborhoods.  Building your dream house in the right community can impact your potential future resale by hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.  Don’t fall in love with an area before getting your architect’s opinion.  Your future self will thank you profusely.

4.  Dream home architects reason 4:

recommendations on utilities and other services for your site.  Not having certain items available like water and sewer or septic capability can be a showstopper or showstarter, depending on whether or not they can be obtained.

5.  Dream home architects reason 5:

suggestions on the style you feel you absolutely love and can’t do without.  You may find that you might decide to have some flexibility in that all-stone castle when you examine the cost of all of that native stone relative to the price you want to pay for it.  Also, we have actually had some clients believe that they would be able to afford indoor swimming pools and the like in their dream homes.  Of course, you can.  That is possible.  The only question is: how much are you willing to pay for those features?  Having a design professional discuss these range of cost issues with you up front can help tailor a program of features that are feasible for your goals.

6.  Dream home architects reason 6:

advice on floor plan arrangements.  You may think that you have found some plan from a magazine or for free on the Internet and believe that it is the most wonderful arrangement you could ever imagine.  That is, until you have a real design professional take a look at it, comparing your actual programmed lifestyle with it and your site.  You will likely find that your own dream house architect can Create a much more appropriate plan arrangement for how you want to live than any preconceived plan into which you could otherwise find yourself adapting, rather than having it wrapped around how you wish to live.  Also, the slope of your site can dramatically impact the cost of construction.  Your dream residence architect will adjust your plan proportions to result in the most cost-effective arrangement while still suiting your desired lifestyle.

7.  Dream home architects reason 7:

Lifestyle programming.  A true, registered, licensed architect experienced in designing dream homes knows how to listen to what you have to say regarding your hopes and functional needs and dreams.  Then, he knows how to distill those spoken desires into a written document, called a Program, that lists the various spaces that you might want to consider having in your dream home.  That is how you begin, at a “molecular” level of understanding your dream house needs, then gradually evolving that understanding into actual plans, elevations, and the other details that properly depict a dream residence, custom crafted to suit your needs and desires, and shall we say it?  Dreams.

8.  Dream home architects reason 8:

Material Choices.  Your choice of building systems and interior and exterior materials are some of the most cost-oriented decisions you can make with your dream house.  Your architect is not going to guarantee the construction cost of your residence; that is the job of your contractor.  However, your dream architect does understand the relative costs of one system or material to another and knows which will cost more or less.  That expertise can help you avoid “jumping off the deep end” with some system for which you saw a commercial or was “sold” on by some other company whose job was to sell you their products, without you understanding the cost implications of such a choice.  Your dream house architect can sweep aside the marketing hype and get to the real facts about materials and systems and counsel you as to whether it makes sense for your budget or not.  Good reason for your architect , there!  Moral of the story: do not fall in love with any particular system or materials without the advice of your dream residence architect; otherwise, you could be vastly exceeding your budget because of your lack of knowledge about such matters.

9.  Dream home architects reason 9.

Help finding the right contractor.  Your dream house architect can assist you in finding a properly qualified slate of licensed builders, instead of you taking the recommendations for the 3 guys in the pickup truck building the porch addition down the block.  Get your architect involved in this decision.  He doesn’t want any problems and neither do you.  Your architect will check the qualifications and make sure they are licensed and check their recommendations and talk to them, to make sure they understand what they are doing.  This is an important aide to anyone planning a dream residence, to keep it a dream rather than otherwise.

10.  Dream home architects reason 10.

dream home
Dream home architects can visit your project's construction site to compare what your builder is doing with your project design documents.

Construction Administration.  Pay your architect to periodically visit your project during construction and observe the progress of the work of your builder.  Your architect will compose a written report and e-mail to everyone involved, noting what he has seen and reporting conformance to the project documents or not, with suggestions for corrections.  This will help keep your project on track and keep your builder in line with what he agreed to do for you: build the house your dream architect designed for you.

Those are some good reasons to involve your dream house architects early, and keep them involved all through the life of your residential project.  Adhering to this list should keep the smile on your face and should also end up providing you with your dream house.

Contact information for dream home architects:

Home Architects : www.HomeArchitects.com : Rand Soellner Architect  828. 269. 9046.

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