Facts are What this Website is About

Facts are What this Website is About

Facts are What this Website is About.  This website is mainly intended to provide useful information to homeowners and want-to-be homeowners, so that they can make good decisions.  The majority of the content on this website has been written by a licensed Architect who specializes in the design of residences.

facts are what this website is about
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Everyone’s decisions are their own, made on all available information and each person is responsible for the directions they take.  However, HOME ARCHITECTS ® performs and reports research, monitors and reports on new developments, creates designs, administers the construction of projects and then reports the results on this website: what works best, what doesn’t work and what appears to make sense for the future of residential architecture.  Some of that is professional opinion, much: facts.


How does this help people like you?  Well, if you’re thinking about having a new house designed and built in the future (soon, medium-term, or into the future), the information obtained on this website may be of assistance in helping you make better decisions to help you achieve your objectives. 

facts are what this website is about

This is why this architectural company continues to refuse the participation of non-Architects in the creation of new articles for this website.  They phone or email the company nearly every week.  But this architectural firm wants the information to be solid.  Non-Architects may be able to write well about many subjects, but they simply don’t understand residential architecture the way that licensed Architects do. 












And the advice of anyone but licensed Architects about architecture can be worse that just “puff-pieces”, they can be dead wrong.  And we want good information here.


So that’s what you’ll get on this website.  Never starry-eyed over-reaching about something untested, but rather, down in the dirt, gritty facts about products, materials, practices and quality-oriented construction and design. 


Sometimes the articles are about septic grinder pumps being installed along sewer lines.  Other times, more rarefied high-profile design considerations (dealing with mass and void, space and solid, the best view orientations, color schemes, and other design subjects).  And sometimes articles about materials, such as a recent one about a drainable housewrap.  Very useful information. And don’t forget the BookStore on this website: several online e-books written by this Architect, providing detailed information about how to hire an Architect, how to hire a Contractor, a Home Planning Guide, Client Centered Architectural Design Process, Specifications for Residential Architecture.


There is also helpful information about the cost to build a house.   And why most people delude themselves about the true cost to build their future residence.   Once people understand this, they can begin to approach their projects more realistically.  There are also useful articles about why it is best to have an Architect design your new residence, like: What’s In It For Me














And here’s an oldie but a goodie: House Plans on the Internet and Why Free Doesn’t Mean Satisfied.   Probably 50% of the people approaching this firm may start in utter frustration, with pieces of torn bits of “plans” that they have taken off the Internet, then struggled mightily trying to put them together to create on their own floor plan, from preconceived floor plans created by other Architects and designers for other Clients in other locations with different needs.   Through several discussions, this firm explains why this approach doesn’t work.  Check out that article to understand why and save yourself this struggle.  Sort of like trying to tell a cardiac surgeon how to handle an upcoming heart bypass surgery, or telling your Attorney how to keep you out of jail, or telling your Accountant how to prepare your taxes. 


There’s more than 1,000 pages on this website, the largest residential architecture website in the world.  More information than you’ll find anywhere else on the subject.






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