Family Estate Architect 4

Your family estate architect

needs to understand that this is your family you are talking about.


You have a dream:

You want a special family place where you and your family can retreat and forget about the outside world and relax and enjoy each other and nature.













 “…HOME ARCHITECTS, a …company that specializes in family compounds.”




HOME ARCHITECTS  ® is a family estate architect.  They understand your dream and help you make it reality.


The firm has been a family estate architect for years.  There seems to be an increasing demand for his company’s architectural, interior and master planning design services in the area of family village design.


Your family estate architect

& your family’s memories.

Remember when you were growing up and your parents would take you to your grandmother’s house or your Aunt & Uncle’s farm, and you marveled at how many other kids and adults there were in your extended family? All those people! You and your brothers and sisters and cousins would walk to the edge of the lake and climb the big willow tree, the one with the thick rope and hop on the giant knot tied to its end, then swing out over the water, let go and scream all the way to your big splash in the water!  Your family estate architect knows this is what you are remembering and how to plan an estate for your family’s future memories.















Your future memories and your family estate architect.

After a while, you would smell the burgers and hot dogs cooking on the big stone outdoor grill, as Dad barbequed lunch. You and Eddy, Gina and Corey, all still soaking wet, ran up the hill and across the lawn to the old wooden picnic table, just in time to be greeted by your mother, who swaddled you in a thick, warm terrycloth towel. Remember the group photos?  Your family estate architect remembers.














The ones you would pin up on your bulletin board, and watch grow yellow with time, as you thought: Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us could get back together again?” Finally, you have achieved significant goals in your life.  A family estate architect can program your site and homes to accommodate your family’s objectives.


You have become a success, by anyone’s standards, especially your own. Have you wondered if perhaps You might be able to do something about making a special place for your immediate family, as well as all of your relatives? Somewhere in the mountains, perhaps, or by the lake outside of town, or on that acreage near Aspen or Telluride or Houston? Well, that’s what a family estate architect designs.  HOME ARCHITECTS ® is a Family Estate Architect and Planner, that is one of their specialties.

















The firm will meet with you, discuss your objectives, program your special gathering place, design it, prepare construction documents and help you find an outstanding general contractor to build it, and even furnish the interior for you, if you wish, then hand you the key! Contact them to be your family estate architects and luxury residential architect whenever you might wish to discuss this exciting and fulfilling step in your life plans.








This means that the company will design your project for your land wherever it is.


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