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Design Discovery First Consultation Workshop

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandMake an appointment with Rand Soellner home architects to discuss your new custom house design and you will receive a $2,025 value as part of this special incentive offer:

Just for coming in to discuss your project with us, and for seriously considering us as your residential architect, you will receive:

1.  Free initial Design Discovery Workshop session lasting from 2 to 6 hours in our Cashiers, NC home office.  $750 value.  This includes review of some of our other designs, from which you may find some arrangements you may wish to consider for your house.

2.  Free Virtual Reality 3D Helicopter tour around your residential site on our 60″ flatscreen — it’s almost like being there in person!  $500 value. We will need your geographic coordinates for this.

3.  Free review of any documents you may have, such as your initial survey and other preferences you may have for your custom home design. $350 value.

4.  Free lunch, served during our Design Discovery Workshop. $50 value.

Actual view of Laurel Knob from our home office, where we will be meeting.
Actual view of Laurel Knob from one of our projects, that you can tour.

Who says there’s no free lunch?

5.  Free tours of from 1 to 2 Rand Soellner Architect designed luxury houses, conducted by Rand Soellner, AIA, answering your questions and pointing out features that may be of interest to you. $375 value.

Part of the festivities include supper in an outstanding mountain restaurant
Part of the festivities include lunch, while reviewing your dreams .

6.  Review our agreement with you, answering all of your questions.

TOTAL VALUE:  $2,025.

This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and we will only schedule one Design Discovery Workshop per day to guarantee a quality experience for those of you prudent enough to act swiftly on this.  YES, WE WILL DESIGN YOUR HOME NO MATTER WHERE IT IS.

We have contacts from Sydney Australia, Moscow Russia, France, Ireland, Canada, Denver, London, Chicago, Cashiers, Aasheville, Hendersonville, Brevard, Las Vegas, South Bend, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cashiers, Highlands, Macon, Brazil, China, Japan and lots of other places.  WE ARE A GLOBAL HOME DESIGN COMPANY.

There are those in our organization that don’t believe that anyone cares about saving some money in this fashion, others think that this offer is undignified.  You know what?  What’s wrong with saving some money and having a nice little trip to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina?  Prove them wrong!  Take advantage of this offer now, if you are seriously considering engaging Rand Soellner to design your project.  Contact us to schedule your appointment as much in advance as possible, so that we can plan to be available for you.  Many of our incoming clients treat this initial session as a wonderful mini-vacation to the mountains!  How about you?  Don’t you deserve that?  Combine a little business with pleasure.  Some clients end up staying for 2 or 3 days, at their choice, to enjoy a bit more of what this unique mountain environment offers.

This offer is based on the following assumptions and conditions:

That an adult couple will be visiting us, here in our Cashiers, North Carolina home office and that you will schedule your visit at least 2 weeks prior to your Discovery Workshop.  This couple will be the decision-makers whose purpose is to evaluate and select an architect to design your home and that is the main intent of your visit.  If there are any children brought along with you requiring care, you will provide appropriate supervision and care for them during the Workshop and other activities, hopefully with a 3rd person that you have brought along to provide that care and supervision, so that you can concentrate on the programming and design issues being discussed.  This is your dream home!  Our offers are primarily intended for the 2 primary adults.  We note that you should try to make arrangements for any children to be cared for at your home prior to visiting us, and have the children remain there, as small children, in particular, find the experience of adults discussing something for several hours to be not as action-filled as they might prefer for energetic little folks.  No pets, please.  If you happen to be single, that is okay with us and we welcome your visit as well.  If you are in a relationship, we encourage you both to attend, as we have found that a rerun of all activities and discussions is usually required to properly inform the absent person.  Please come with the intention to proceed, as a seriously interested client, after having phone conversations with us.  We will provide you with the contact information to a nearby local hotel and you will want to make your own reservations so that you are in control of your visit.  Here is a hotlink to their website:

You will need to provide your own transportation whether by air or vehicle to the airport of your choice and from there to the hotel in Cashiers, NC, all of which costs are yours and these costs are not reimbursed.  We recommend any of the following airports, if you choose to arrive via aircraft: Greenville International Airport (Greenville SC Airport), Asheville NC Airport (technically in Fletcher NC), Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (Charlotte NC), or Atlanta GA International Airport (Atlanta, GA).  Asheville is the closest of these, perhaps about 50 miles away from us.  It is our understanding that flight connections to the Asheville Airport can be more involved than at some of the larger airports, so while you may enjoy a closer proximity for your drive to us, you will likely have some linkages in your flight plans to get there.  Greenville is the closest largest airport and is probably what I would choose if I were you.  Greenville is in South Carolina and is only about 1-1/2 hours by car to us in Cashiers, NC.  Charlotte offers some good fare rates, I understand.  The drive is typically about 2-1/2 to 3 hours.  Atlanta is one of the busiest, most efficient airports in the World, and a major US hub.  The drive is about 3 hours from there to us and that can be a bit long for some people.  Ground transportation is something you will need to rent at your expense at the airport of your choice, if you are coming by air to one of these airports. Note: if you own or charter private aircraft, there is a small airport in Franklin, NC and our understanding is that smaller Lears might be able to land there.  If this is your choice, please have your pilots contact the Franklin airport to discuss accommodations and verify that they can safely handle your specific aircraft there.  Franklin is only about an hour from us, probably the closest, but they only handle smaller private aircraft and the runway length will not handle a Gulfstream or similar larger aircraft.

Once you are here at the Hampton Inn in Cashiers, NC, we will come to your hotel and pick you up and escort you to and from our 1-day workshop, residential tours and luncheon.  We will return you to your hotel in the late afternoon/ early evening.  Should you wish to remain at your hotel that is up to you, as all of your hotel and individual transportation is at your own expense.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Schedule your Discovery Workshop now!

Contact information:

Rand Soellner Architect, 828-269-9046

Cashiers, North Carolina, USA.  Designing Luxury Homes all over the Americas and the World.

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