Flowers Around the Patio

Flowers Around the Patio

The Architect’s wife wanted to see flowers at the new patio.  So the Architect provided those.  A bunch.  She was right.  It wasn’t colorful enough before.

The Architect didn’t want to plant or pot anything like an Annuals (flowers that die after the 1st year).  Oh no.  He wanted perennials.  So the wife suggested daylilies.   And hydrangeas.  So the Architect and his wife, the Real Estate Broker went to the local retail nursery and bought 42 1-gallon daylilies.  Then re-potted them into 3-gallon pots with potting soil, so they had room to grow.  But before that, the Architect had to spray the pots bronze color to match the larger arborvitae professional pots that were bronze color.  Took an afternoon to get that all done.


The nursery didn’t have enough all yellow daylilies, so the Architect and his Real Estate wife bought half and half: half yellow and half crazy variety mix of colors.  The yellow daylilies provide punctuation and structure to the composition and the riot of colors in between doesn’t seem to matter.  The daylilies march around the circle, providing architectural order.

And a week later, the Architect went to another local nursery and bought 5 B&B (Balled & Burlap) fairly large hydrangeas that each weighed about 100 pounds.  Oof.   The Architect brought those home in the back of his pickup truck and  planted these about 3 feet from the stone ring wall and in the visual opening to the mountain view in furniture and trees so they can standout.  They are just now starting to sprout while delicate flowers, which will soon be visible in this gap, beyond the main ring of daylilies.

There is order and design behind good landscaping.

It’ll take a couple of years for the hydrangeas to grow up some more and create a second row of poetic colorful counterpoint to the daylily circle.  Give it some time.  They are all here to stay and thrive.


Early August is when the Contractor is supposed to start the amazing timber trellis project that will provide filtered sunlight/shade so the owners can sit here during the day/when the sun is out.  Also, the side walkway should start about the same time.  Probably be mid to late August when that will be done.  Whew.  Should be nice when done.