Global Home Architects

Global Home Architects

Rand Soellner HOME ARCHITECTS TM provide residential design services for clients, no matter where their property is on the face of the Earth.  Soellner has been making an effort to insure that clients from all over know that he is available to design their houses, anywhere on the planet.

Does this mean that Soellner clients have to pay for Soellner to travel there?  Not necessarily.  Soellner prefers to visit client sites in person, whenever that is possible.  However, if clients do not wish to incur this expense, this architect has technological tools that allow him to visit your land in virtual reality.  This is supplemented with your digital photography and digital video that you can e-mail to the architect, along with your surveyor’s electronic survey on AutoCad.

Soellner has the entire globe in high resolution digital 3D imagery on his computers.  He can visit your site anywhere on the planet in a matter of seconds.  If you come to visit him, you can see this on his 60″ Sony flatscreen in his comfortable conference room.  Otherwise, you and he can have a phone call, with each of you looking at your virtual site in 3D, flying around in a virtual helicopter, landing, and looking in all directions, to document your best views.  This is critical to the design that Soellner prepares for you, so that major glass areas orient toward your desired views.

Rand Soellner AIA, is one of the few residential designers that are able to design for sites across the planet, and that have an interest to do so.  The reason?  Rand really enjoys what he does, and his desire to help clients everywhere, along with his passion for residential design excellence, drives to higher achievements.

So if you are in Spain, Portugal, Paris, France, Germany, China, Russia, Japan, the USA, or elsewhere, please give the Soellner firm a call or e-mail.  They would like to hear from you and see about helping you with your residential design dreams, no matter where you are.

Some people seem to believe that they can simply obtain the services of local design firms and they will be able to create a house that is identical to, or similar to Soellner’s.  These consumers will probably find, fairly quickly, that all design companies are not created equal and that they tend to specialize in a particular style and not many in Soellner’s particular area of expertise.  For instance, if there is a local architect in your town that mainly designs shopping centers for Krogers or other major chains and you approached that firm and asked them to mimic Soellner’s rich rustic house imagery for residential plans for you, you will probably not be pleased with the result.

What Soellner does is highly specialized and there is a lot of detail involved.  Some other firm that doesn’t do this for a living as a focused daily effort, will not be able to copy Soellner’s “look” or the functionality of his floor plan arrangements, details, and specifications.  This would be like asking an office building architect to design a nuclear power plant.  It will not happen comfortably.  There is simply too much to know and it is not good to try to learn what to do during the course of a single project.  Especially one for which you are paying!  Most designers and even the AIA admits that the design of houses is one of the most demanding and complex projects that one can undertake.  Trying to learn another firm’s way of doing things during the course of your project would not be an effective use of skillsets.

Why bother?  Obtain the real thing.  Please considering engaging the Soellner company to have your house designed properly the first time.  This is why Rand makes his services available globally.  He has a high degree of specialization and wants his skills to be accessible to discerning clients no matter where they may reside.

A Little History

Rand Soellner’s great grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1869, from Bavaria.  His great grandfather, Andreas Sollner (there was an “umlaut” over the “o”) was a carpenter, skilled in timber frames, cabinetry, and framing of all types.  He  passed his European carpentry and framing skills on to his son, Charles, who built homes and also created a fine photo engraving company that served local newspapers during the 2nd quarter of the 20th century.  Charles passed along these skills to his son, Edward (Rand’s father) who built homes and passed down these skills to his sons, Rand and Alan, who built homes and assisted their father in home construction and renovations through their teenage years.  The skills that Rand uses today are deeply ingrained in the heritage of his family.  This background, dating back hundreds of years into Europe’s Bavarian timber frame homes, is in his blood.  You just cannot mimic that.  Rand offers the real, worldwide, life-long skills necessary to design this type of specialized house, anywhere on the planet.

Contact Information:

Rand Soellner, AIA/NCARB : 1. 828. 269. 9046

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