Green Design University

Green Design University

Green Home Design University Now Online at Rand Soellner Architect Website

green design universityIn February of 2010, the Rand Soellner Architect firm launched the ground-breaking Green Home Design University online on their company’s website:

The purpose of this “Green Design University” is to make available to the public “green” information about home design energy conservation, recycling, construction practices for a cleaner environment, and selection of home features that reduce the carbon footprint on our planet.  This Green Design University focuses on home design.

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The term “university” in this context refers to an online course of study; it is not a bricks and mortar physical place.  It is an online virtual educational center.   There are about 20 modules or webpages, each on a different subject having to do with energy conservation or governmental programs like Energy Star, or natural materials home architecture.  This Green Design University has a series of simple questions at the bottom of each webpage of information, typically about 3 questions, so the demands are not great on one’s time.  The answers are below the questions, so everyone attending this Green Design University are on the honor system.  It’s all about gaining knowledge and green understanding.  This is not an accredited university or course of study.  The purposes are informational and for entertainment, social, and environmental responsibility.

Where to Go to Find the Green Design University

Click here to be taken to the Green Home Design University starting page: Green Home Design University.

Green Design University Certificate of Green Understanding

green design universityWhen you have read all of the modules and successfully answered all of the questions, you can printout a handsome Certificate of Green Understanding suitable for framing and hanging on your wall, as testimony to taking this course of environmental & architectural studies at the Green Design University.  This is the “gold star” that website visitors can earn and proudly display.

Simple and Easy Online Course of Study at the Green Design University

Each study module and questionnaire takes about 10 to 15 minutes.  The entire course of study might take 2-1/2 to 4 hours or so.  The beauty of it is that you can stop wherever you want to and return later as you wish.

Cost of Taking the Course at the Green Design University

Environmental responsibility, energy conservation and the Green Design University.
Environmental responsibility, energy conservation and the Green Design University.

Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  Nothing.  Why?  The Rand Soellner Architect company wants to help provide useful information for clients, contractors, other architects and designers, and the public in general.  Why? As part of their self-imposed obligation as architects,  members of the American Institute of Architects, and members of the design community to help improve the situation in which our country and world finds itself.

Contact Information:

Rand Soellner Architect 828. 269. 9046

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