Green Home Architecture and Ranking

Green Home Architecture and Ranking

Today we saw the good news that our Green Home Architecture portion of our Home Architects website was ranked #1 in the world.  We are delighted to receive this recognition.  We have labored long and with love creating such green home architecture features as our Green Home Design University.  Our #1 position today was out of about 59 million on the Internet, so this is quite an honor.  Part of this ranking is due to many of you out there who have chosen to participate in green home architecture programs of ours like the Green Home Design University, Green Home Analysis, our invention the Green Gauge and other green design features.  This ranking can change daily and quite often goes up and down, depending on the public’s interest in the various subjects on the Internet.

Green Home Architecture and Our Planet

Rand Soellner Architect is concerned about global warming, the carbon footprint caused by construction activity, and about energy conservation in home design, construction, and operation.  This is why we have gone to the lengths we have on this website to create a Green Home Architects index and the various pages to which this refers.  This index allows the public to come to our website and go to a series of green home architecture webpages.  On each page, you read and learn about green subjects, then answer a few questions to help you know if you have understood what you have read.  Then, you go to the next green home architecture module, and the next, and continue until you have reviewed them all and answered all of the questions.  In return for your diligence in finding out about green home architecture, we then provide the means for you to download a Certificate of Green Home Design Understanding.  We also provide a badge for your website that you can download, that tells the world that you have taken the Green Home Design University course of study.  This is just one of the Rand Soellner Architect website’s green home architecture features.

Different portions of the Rand Soellner Architect website vary in their ranking from day to day.  The Soellner firm = home architects and the company has several sub-specialties.

Green Home Architecture is #1 Today

Google and other search engines have a host of factors that they use to analyze the worthiness of the millions of websites on millions of subjects.  The Soellner website traffic has been steadily increasing and we thank you for that.  Please keep coming back to see what new features we have installed, as we are always adding something, especially under the subject of green home architecture.   Today, green home architecture is #1, and actually so are several other of our website aspects.

Timber Frame Architects is also #1 Today

We were also delighted to see that our website was ranked #1 today under the term: timber frame architects.  This is related to green home architecture, as timber frame components are about the “greenest” you can get on the planet.  They are made of trees, which are the ultimate in recycled construction components.  Why?  Because there is low embodied energy to make a timber post and beam.  Mother Nature does most of the work, then in a few seconds, a large harvesting machine cuts it down and another tree seedling is planted.  Then there is a short trip to a sawmill and some cutting occurs that takes a few seconds.  The final steps take place in the timber framer’s shop where a German machine called a Hundegger routs into the timbers for mortises and also sculpts the other surfaces of related timber members to make the tenons.  Please see our timber frame architects or post and beam architects webpages for more information on this.

Rand Soellner Architect has a Specialty in Green Home Architecture.

As you can see by the above examples, our firm specializes in green home design.  We recommend recycled materials, low embodied energy products, energy conservation procedures, and healthy home design features.  Rand Soellner Architect founded the Healthy Home Design program.

We hope to be of service to you, the planet, and other green organizations over the decades.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or have a project in which you might wish to consider our participation.  We also welcome affiliations with major Green Organizations to co-promote green educational programs.

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