Help America’s Economy: Hire an Architect to Design Your House

Help America’s Economy: Hire an Architect to Design Your House

It is true.  Every time an architect is hired to design a home or building, 30 additional jobs are created to build what is designed (information source: American Institute of Architects, Clark Manus FAIA, 8-17-2011 “Leading the Way to Economic Recovery”).

30 additional jobs for every architect engaged to design a home or building.  11% of our nation’s $14 trillion gross domestic product is led by architects and the building industry that they stimulate when they design a project that is built.  That is $1.54 trillion of America’s GDP!  So if you are contemplating hiring an architect to design your house, help America’s economy and do it now.  You will be helping yourself and your family to obtain a wonderful place in which to live and you will also be significantly helping your Country’s economy.

Did you know that on every residential project designed by an architect, that the General Contractor normally hires about 50 subcontractors?  And each of those 50 subcontracting firms typically employs 3 to 8 people that work directly on the project designed by the architect. And if the subcontractor average number of people = 5 or so, then 5 x 50 subcontracting firms = 250 people who receive a paycheck building what the architect designed.  And if those 250 people have families of perhaps 3.5 people, then 875 people are literally fed by your decision to hire an architect to design your residence.  Amazing, isn’t it?  You can help feed 875 people by simply deciding to have an architect design your house, then proceed to have it built.

It is good business to hire an architect to design your house.  Help yourself.  Help your city, county, state and country.  The more people work, the more they pay taxes to support their city, county, state and country. Governments are in just as much financial neediness as the people that pay taxes to support them.  This is why it is so important for people to work: so that they can afford to live, first of all, and secondarily, to support their local, regional and national governments through a robust tax base.  And this tax base is significantly reinforced by a building economy.  Strong building = strong personal, business and governmental finances.

It is economically healthy to engage architects to design houses.  And residential architects also know how to design a healthier house for you as well.  Help yourself, your family, your city, county, state and nation: hire an architect to design your house.

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