How much will my home cost?

We would all like to know how much our house is going to cost.  One of the main reasons for cost escalation stares straight in your face every morning from your mirror…

Your home cost depends on many factors

The honest answer is, your home cost final amount will vary and the answer is: “It depends.”
Depends on what?
The following items:



(see below):


















  • Square footage of the home.
  • How busy and how much in demand the builder is that you want.
  • Roofing surface you want.
  • Mainly: the Quality Level you select.
  • Where your home is to be constructed:Region of the World/Country/State
  • Steepness of your site (affects foundation costs tremendously)
  • Amount of detail you desire in the Exterior and Interior of your home.
  • Appliances you select (make and model).
  • Light fixtures you desire.
  • Earthwork required/desired. size of garage.



  • Finishes you select.
  • Driveway surface you want.
  • Landscaping: formal or natural.
  • Siding materials desired.


































  • Interior wall finishes.
  • Interior flooring desired (hint: 11” wide heart pine will cost a lot more than Lumber Liquidator’s $0.99/sf prefinished remnant 12” long blond oak cabin grade).
  • Electronics/Smart home features.
  • Amount and size of windows and doors both interior and exterior.
  • Size of outdoor living spaces/porches/garage If there is to be a basement level, how it is constructed, whether or not blasting is required, amount and type of waterproof coatings/systems, amount of finishing desired, amount of windows desired, etc.
  • And many more factors.

















We actually have people send us e-mails before we know anything about what they want and they ask us “How much does it cost to build a custom house?” That’s like phoning an automotive dealer and asking them “How much is a car?” That’s why we say above: “It depends.”  Your home cost depends on all of the aspects mentioned herein.










Cost coordinating with Architects and Builders.


















When you come to visit us to discuss us designing your house, we listen to your objectives and make notes. We note the features and quality you want to achieve. We recommend that you involve your licensed General Contractor as soon as possible, to give you real-world cost input for the developing design. We are used to coordinating with builders in a design-build association, to help you achieve your goals. We feed your builder design drawings as the design progresses, so that they can give you the home cost implications of the developing design. It is your contractor’s responsibility to provide these in-progress estimates to you and it is your responsibility to get your contractor on board to facilitate this process. You will need to align your expectations of materials and other items affecting the quality of your house with the home cost(s) related to that and your contractor can give you that cost information.We have seen costs vary from a low of $65/sf of heated area for tract housing in Arkansas which is about $150/sf heated in the Western North Carolina area (once again, for tract-type lower-end housing), to $190/sf of heated area for a nice Arts & Crafts style house west of Chicago in the countryside of northern Illinois, to $1,000/sf for high-end custom Colorado homes near ski resorts. The project location makes a big difference! If you think you can’t afford us, you need to read this:

We May be Able to Save You More Than Our Fee in Construction Cost Savings:

Value Engineering to control cost:

This might be multiple times our fee, depending on the services your request. Our Base Bid Pricing strategy and Home Value Engineering illustrates to the Contractor how to build our design for your home using the most cost-effective materials and systems. We include detailed Owner Optional Upgrades in our drawings and specifications, requiring that the Contractor price and list an ala-carte menu of upgrade items for your consideration, allowing you to pick and choose which items you desire to further enhance the basic design. The appearance of our designs looks very much like post & beam, timber frame and for some clients who wish this appearance: logs. Our hybrid design approach accomplishes these appearances for pennies on the dollar, passing the savings on to you. For those of you desiring real timber frame and genuine log construction, we are happy to provide those systems, also with owner optional upgrades, placing you firmly in control of how much your house will cost, based on your choices. Call us to find out more about our unique approach, and our Home Value Engineering, created to put you in the driver’s seat of your project’s cost.