Homes are where most of us live; homes are where most of the good things happen.

Cave people photo: (C) Copyright Kevin Krejci.  We've come a long way.
Cave people photo: (CC) Copyright creative commons, courtesy of Kevin Krejci. We've come a long way with our homes.

Our homes provide shelter from the weather.  That is the most basic reason for homes.  When our ancestors sought out caves in ancient France and other places for their homes, they were looking for a place in which to retain the warmth of their bodies and shelter from rain and snow falling from the sky and some protection around them from predators. 

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Our homes have evolved from this, however, over the course of the last 60,000 years, to become a source of pride, a statement of style and to give us a personalized interior environment in which to allow us to pursue individual, functional, and aesthetic interests.  It is taken for granted that the basic needs are provided for; shelter from the weather in our houses, and some measure of security from at least casual intrusion.  We could probably debate about those things and how well most houses accomplish them, but that would be the subject for another discussion.  What else do we associate with our homes?  Wonderfully warm holidays spent with visiting or live-in family and friends in our homes.  Graduation celebrations.  The introduction for a new baby in the family, welcoming him and her into our residence.  Perhaps the passing of a family member or a beloved pet and the soothing, comfortable warmth our familiar house wraps around us, calming and soothing us in the stormy times in our lives.  Our homes are there, waiting for us to be there and receive their shelter, their psychological comfort, their quietness, their warmth, their loving embrace.

Custom Homes have become What Many People Want

Custom homes become interesting to many people at some point in their lives.
Custom homes become interesting to many people at some point in their lives.

Having the basics in your house gets you going in your adult life.  At some point, you look around and say to your spouse or significant other, or to yourself: “I would really like to have a house that suits me better.  I would like to have some features that I do not see here.”  When that happens, you have chosen a path that can lead to the better things in life.  You need to make sure that you have aligned your desires with homes that you can afford.  Either now or at some realistic point in the future, you need to do the math and insure that the houses you have in your mind’s eye are the type of residences that your bank account can pay for comfortably.  Should you aspire to greater accomplishments?  Of course.  Take it in logical, well-planned steps to reach your ultimate goal.  It will take a lot of work.  Make no small plans (that is meant figuratively).

Homes and their Relative Costs

Why?  Because homes are most people’s biggest investment of their lives.  In certain areas of the United States, you might be able to find a very economical condominium for perhaps $35,000 to 50,000 and more.  That won’t buy much.  Then you can work hard and be smart, saving for the houses of your future, investing in your business and making your future happen.  Someday you will get a residence that may be around $150,000.  Then $250,000.  Then $500,000.  Then $1,000,000.  Then even more, based on your abilities and desires.

Custom Homes and Custom Residential Architects

Even small homes like this 393 hsf cottage (above the garage) can represent a warm lifestyle.
Even small homes like this 393 hsf cottage (above the garage) can represent a warm lifestyle.

At what point will you want residential architects to assist you?  House architects can design residences of any size for any budget.  Here at we design cozy cottages of 393 hsf (heated square feet), mid-sized homes of 1,750 hsf, 2,500 hsf, 3,500 hsf, 4,500 hsf, all the way up to rambling mountain castles of 16,000 hsf.  So, nothing for us is too small or too big.  It really depends on the client and what they want.

What do you want?  Some people are down-sizing as empty-nesters and are looking for comfortable but modest-sized housing.  Their children are grown and graduating college and they have all these extra bedrooms and bathrooms to clean and maintain and heat and cool and they would like to get into a more compact residence (or several houses in different locations).  They want these new more compact homes to be of high quality and to still have all the features that they will enjoy using each day.  They just don’t need as many bedrooms.  Perhaps one or two guest suites and a large bunkroom for grandchildren.

The Homes in Your Life Mark Your Passage through Different Stages

Starter houses.  Mid-life mid-sized homes.  Estate-sized “I’ve made it” homes.  High quality, down-sized homes.  These are some of the phases you and your homes may experience during your life.  For more information on homes, please visit:

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