Homestead Forever

Homestead Forever

Homestead in this context, refers to people that want their new house project to become the hub of activity for their growing, extended family.  Forever = for the rest of their lives.  Their= the Owners of the project.


This usually develops when a married couple have had children and now those grown children are having children.  This seems to bring the realization that it is time to have an Architect design a special house for the main matriarch and patriarch, in order for them to fashion a large enough (and flexible enough) structure with enough amenities to attract their sons, daughters and grandchildren for holidays, special occasions, and to simply have a place to gather together at any time.  Many people determine that they would like to have large acreage: 40 acres, 100 acres, 200 acres, 700 acres and more, while others are content on a one-acre lot.


Most Owners (the original mother and father) of this extended, growing family, imagine that this wonderful place that they will have designed and built for them, will be passed along to their sons & daughters, and eventually to their grandchildren.  Whether or not this succession in ownership will take place or not indefinitely is unknown. 













However, what the initial Owners can control is that they can put in motion events that will create a family homestead house/ project/ complex that can become the central meeting and living place for many of their family members for today and for as long as the the original Owners live.


Your Architect can help you obtain this Forever Homestead. 


While your Architect can help you evaluate the land you have in mind on which to locate your dream house, many people plunge ahead and buy land that the Owners like: size, views, topography, location are some of the main characteristics that drive that choice for many Owners.

homestead forever
Views like this are often some of the most compelling reasons people select properties for their dream house. (C)Copyright Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. A company project location in Tennessee.  Click on the above photo to see the Walk Your Land With The Architect service offering.














Your Architect has the education, training, experience and licensure to design your special house.  That’s what Architects who specialize in residential design do, and they are the most qualified professional to perform the tasks & duties of this joyful and important project for you.


There are 3 main steps to get the design:


Step 1: Find the residential Architect whose work and services you like the best.


Homestead Forever
Rand Soellner of HOME ARCHITECTS meeting with Clients and walking (and driving) their land with them. (C)Copyright 2014, Home Architect, PLLC, All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Click the image above to Start The Adventure!












Step 2: Pay them to travel to your property and walk it with you and hear your ideas.  Also listen carefully to theirs.  You likely will be doing this only once.  They, on the other hand, have done this scores of times for dozens or even hundreds of Clients similar to you.  Your Architect will have thoughts about the opportunities presented by your Land and your Lifestyle (the 2 main “Ls” involved with the design of a “forever Homestead” kind of house / project.


Step 3: If you like what you hear and see, hire them to be your Architect for your house project.  Let them do their job.


architectural-process-bigNow then, there are many other steps, however that is how you get your Architect to prepare your design.  Your Architect can and will manage the Bidding process for you, if you wish, and can also provide Construction Administration services to evaluate the work of the Contractor during construction.  And there are many detailed steps between those.  For a more complete overview of the entire process, download this free online book: Client Centered Architectural Design Process .



Contact: to start your Forever Homestead project.


















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