HOUSE PLANS on the Internet and Why Free Doesn’t Mean Satisfied

HOUSE PLANS on the Internet and Why Free Doesn’t Mean Satisfied

House Plans on the Internet :

You are Special.  You are not going to find that exact “free” plan that suits you on the web…so here’s what you need to do (by a Leading Luxury Residential Architect):

(C)Copyright 2004-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Wordwide.  Photo by Megan Miller.  Falcon CLiff Lodge Designed by Rand Soellner Architect.
(C)Copyright 2004-9 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Wordwide. Photo by Megan Miller. Falcon CLiff Lodge house plans by Rand Soellner Architect.




House Plans on the Internet:
“Gimme some free plans so I can build my house!”
“Why can’t I find just what I want?”
“Hey, what I want doesn’t exist…”

Well, that about sums it up.












I receive phone calls nearly everyday from people who want me to design their houses.  Many of the calls I get start out like this: “Hello?  This is Betty Smith…my husband and I have been looking for house plans on the internet … (and here’s when I know what’s coming next)…and we can’t find what we want or what we like.”

No kidding…



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Do you want to know why?  Those of you who think that you can spend an easy Saturday afternoon surfing the net and find the precise existing sets of floor plans (or house plans, or whatever you choose to call them) and construction drawings for free on the web are dreaming.  How do I know this?  Because new clients coming to me and explain it this way to me:  “I can’t find what I want!  Those free house plans on the Internet don’t work for me!”  Deep inside you already know what that means–you are unique.  God made you that way and your life experiences are unique and your property is special and you like things and want things that other people don’t.  In other words, the house plans that you find for “free” on the internet have not been crafted around your particular lifestyle, your site, your budget, or your preferred materials, views, vehicles, hobbies, number of family members, number of people you like to entertain…on and on.  You haven’t found it and… you won’t.


At least, not in those “free” house plans on the internet.  Why? 













Because there are hundreds, even thousands of so-called “free” floor plans out there as teasers and you can spend scores of hours trying to print them out, blow them up, analyze them, only to realize: “Hey, this doesn’t work for us!  We have 3 kids, not 1 or 2!”  Or, I want to be able to park in front of our new home under cover…Why doesn’t this plan have that? 


And here’s something else most people don’t think about: any existing set of “plans” is copyright protected by the creator of that intellectual property.  If you take it (steal it) without agreed compensation to the creator, you are breaking the copyright laws of our land and world.  And you could actually end up in court, lamely trying to defend yourself with claims of “But I didn’t know about copyright laws!”  Ignorance is no defense.  Or your claim of that.  The judge won’t care.  And the penalties can be severe: over $100,000 per violation and possible jail time.  Don’t do it.  It’s not worth the risk. 


House Plans on the Internet or Custom Home Design by an Architect?

The answer is very simple.  Because you did not pay that house plan designer to incorporate your wishes they won’t be there.















That’s where hiring a true professional comes in– your own house architect.  He/she will be happy to listen to you and design your new home exactly around your wishes, number of family members and who and how you like to entertain, whether or not you have large musical intruments like pianos, if you like to tinker with old cars (I have more than once created additional car bays with special hydraulic lift jacks, similar to what you find in a professional garage), and on and on…There really is no free lunch and you are wasting your time scouring the web believing that you will actually find the right house plans on the Internet for you, that is precisely tailored to your desired needs.


Why is that?  Because house plans on the Internet have too many variables.  Some people want their master bedroom over here.  Others want it there.  Some people like a 2 car garage, others want a 3 or 4 car garage with a mother-in-law suite over it.  Some people want a hobby/craft room or sewing room, others want a basement room with a view of a mountain lake set up so they can have a to-scale model railroad set-up (I should know, I did this at one client’s request, right down to the faux clouds an artist painted on the ceiling!).  You are special!  Embrace that and stop trying to get something for nothing. 


And you know what?  You need a lot more documentation than just the concept floor plans!  Like what?  How about: the exterior elevations, roof plan, building sections, wall sections, your unique site plan, energy calculations, framing plans, details, finish schedules, door schedules, specifications, electrical plans, cabinetry elevations/blow-up plans, and more. 














Enjoy who you are and hire the right residential architect to create house plans that suit who you and your family are.  When you are ready, please give me, or one of my 80,000 brother & sister architects a call; we are here to help you:


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