How to Hire an Architect

How to Hire an Architect

How to Hire an Architect is a new online e-book, written by HOME ARCHITECTS ®.  It is now ready for general consumption.  


This mini-e-book, How To Hire an Architect is 30 pages, is tastefully formatted and is intended exclusively for electronic download public distribution.  No paper editions are planned.  This is part of the firm’s green initiative.  They saw no reason to chop down more forests to allow them furnish hardcopies to anyone.  “Most information these days is obtained through Internet searches, so why not our books?,” said Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB, LHI, M.A. Arch, Senior Staff Architect of the company.

Since this architectural firm designs custom houses and has for decades, they are one of the most knowledgeable sources of information regarding residential design and construction.  The company has authored multiple books about the design and construction of residential projects and these can be found on the newly formatted website .















how to hire an architect
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To Hire an Architect : the How – to method

This process will give you the step 1, step 2, step 3, etc. to follow, leading you to the obtaining of an Architect and signing an agreement with them to design your residential project.   This process does Not describe the actual design methodology.  You can instead find that in this other book (also written by this same architectural company): the Client Centered Architectural Design Process.

The book, How to Hire an Architect, makes a point in its preface about hiring an ARCHITECT.  Not just a “designer”, who is an unlicensed person without any sort of education or qualifications.  The preface defines what an Architect is.  An American Architect is licensed in at least one state in the USA.  He/she leads the design effort of any building project.  HGTV and other “reality” shows seem to have forgotten what a real Architect is, instead focusing on “designers” which really isn’t any focus at all.  Anyone can be a “designer.”  It takes a great deal of education, experience, licensing and continuing education to become and remain an Architect.












How to Hire an Architect : 12 Lessons

This short e-book is organized into 12brief lessons:
1   Hire Your Architect First
2   License (of the Architect)3   Website
4   Look for Your Perfect Architect, Not Your Perfect “Plan”
5   Local or the Best?
6   Specialist or Generalist?
7   How to Approach an Architect
8   Questions to Ask an Architect
9   Repeated Contact
10 Meet with the Architect in Person
11  Spreadsheet Ranking Evaluation
12  Make Your Choice: Hire the Architect

How to hire an architect
How to Hire an Architect reviews all the important aspects of engaging this type of licensed professional to design your project.
Click the image above to see the website of one of the leading residential firms in the USA.












How to How to Hire an Architect Lesson 1 summary:
It is highly recommended that you hire the Architect long before even considering builders.  Because: Design always comes before Construction.  An Architect designs.  A Builder builds.  Keep them focused on what each does best.  Also, because your Architect becomes your go-to person in finding the most appropriate licensed General Contractor to build your project.  Your Architect helps you find and hire the General Contractor.  Here is another e-book about How to Hire General Contractor.  This book was also written by this same architectural company, that specializes in the architecture of houses.


How to Hire an Architect Lesson 2 summary:
This chapter talks about architectural licensure and making sure that your Architect is licensed in at least one state in the USA.


How to Hire an Architect   Lesson 3 summary:
This chapter discusses how to find the best architectural firms for your project by using the Internet.  It includes how to review their website(s).  Size of house, appearance, floor planning and information content is covered.



















How to Hire an Architect   Lesson 4 summary:
Look for your perfect Architect, not your perfect “plan.”  Many lay people looking for an Architect make the huge mistake of spending untold weeks or months online trying to find their perfect floor plans for free, thinking they can just “give” that to their Architect to save on his fee.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   In reality, everything you find online is covered at the very least by a commonlaw copyright and most by stated copyrights, right on the drawings.  They are not yours to “give” to anyone and attempting to do so violates Section 102 of the Copyright Act 17 U.S.C.  The very act of electronically copying or photocopying them is illegal.  And no Architect or other entity can legally use them or create derivative works from them.  Furthermore, your Architect will be able to create a BETTER design for you, because he or she will Program your needs first, then accommodate those on your specific land, custom-tailored to suit your lifestyle.  No preconceived “plans” can do that.  It will probably be More work, not less for your Architect to try to explain this to you, taking more time and costing you more than if you simply let the professional do his or her job on your behalf.  This calls to mind the sign in the car mechanic’s garage that reads: “Our Price: $50/hour.  If you help, $100/hour.”


how to hire an architect
How to Hire an Architect reviews their company websites and styles of architecture. This is one of the designs from HOME ARCHITECTS. Click to see their project index.

How to Hire an Architect   Lesson 5 summary:
Local or the Best? Looks at whether you should hire the best Architect in the country for what you want or a local firm.  Some of the implications of this information may surprise you.


How to Hire an Architect Lesson 6 summary:
General architectural background firm or specialist?  Well, if you are going to have a heart operation, don’t you want a Cardiac Surgeon?  You need to decide what’s best for your situation.


How to Hire an Architect   Lesson 7 summary:
Approaching an Architect.  Architects are people.  Treat them the way you’d like to be treated.  An excellent method for first contact is suggested.


How to Hire an Architect Lesson 8 summary:
Questions to ask an Architect.  This list you don’t want to miss.  There are 28 questions that you should ask the firms you are considering using.  The questions range from the Architect’s willingness to help you find and hire your Contractor through describing their work methodology.


How to Hire an Architect Lesson 9 summary:
Repeated contact.  Get comfortable with your frontrunner (or frontrunners).  It often takes multiple, repeat phone calls and emails, and/or in-person meetings to successfully consummate an agreement with an Architect.  These are opportunities for you to find out more about him or her and how they will run your project.  Read the book for more detail.


How to Hire an Architect Lesson 10 summary:
Get to know them.  Meet with the Architect you are considering using.  In person.  This will tell you volumes about the kind of human being that they are and if you have good chemistry.


How to Lesson 11 summary:
Excel spreadsheet ranking.  The e-book contains an active spreadsheet link that you can download to assign points for various characteristics of the firms you are are considering.


How to Hire an Architect Lesson 12 summary:
Make your choice.  Hire the Architect.  Sign the agreement.  There are several good points about this in the book.


There is MUCH more detail in the online e-book.  You can download it now.  For free.  Find the book cover on this online article and click on it.


You can contact the Architect to design your residential project now:   828 . 269 . 9046


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