Increasing Water Pressure

Increasing Water Pressure

Increasing Water Pressure is about how this architectural firm has identified low water pressure in some houses and found solutions to fix that.

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Most homes built in the last decade or so should have a WPRV (Water Pressure Regulator Valve).  A Plumber should know how to adjust this to allow more pressure into your house’s piping system.  Somewhere between about 35psi to 70psi should work well.  Any lower and you’re probably not going to appreciate the lack of flow.  More than perhaps 80psi and you’re risking damage to your piping.












for low water pressure: If the above easy fix doesn’t solve your problem and you know there’s nothing wrong with the water main pressure feeding your house, you can do something else to fix this problem:
Have your Plumber install a Well-Trol bladder tank.  Water will enter the tank from the main entering the house, then the bladder tank will come under pressure due to the water filling it.  Then water should come out of the bladder tank at whatever pressure your Plumber wishes to set that at. 

One of the above solutions should solve the low water pressure problem.  Your plumber may also suggest installing a booster pump in lieu of the bladder tank, however, there does need to be an adequate flow of water in order for that to work.