Inquiries Up, New Clients, PR4

Inquiries Up, New Clients, PR4

Hello clients, friends, family and fans of Rand Soellner Architect.  Good news!

INCREASED INQUIRIES:  We are receiving an increase in inquiries in the form of phone calls, e-mails and internet traffic.

WEBSITE TRAFFIC UP: Our website now routinely receives about 6,000 hits a month, which yields over 70,000 hits a year.  That may not be the same as Google’s but we’re quite happy with the volume of interested viewers.

PR4: Speaking of Google, our website has now been classified as a Page Rank 4 by Google, which is pretty darn good.  There are 10 classifications, with 1 being the lowest and Google being 10.  I think NASA and the US White House are a 9 or a 10 and some universities might be a 6 or so.  So being a 4 is a very big deal.  It means that under our designated profession, we are ranked at the top.  Some website grading services rank us as high as a 6, which may foretell of what is yet to come.  To climb just one grade point is exponentially difficult from the classification below, so it keeps getting harder the higher you travel.  And your ranking has to be determined automatically by Google, externally (them looking at you), so your performance in the internet is what drives a lot of that, and your popularity under your designated profession/terms.

NEW CLIENTS: We have some new clients from the great state of Virginia.  Thank you!  We welcome more from there and all other states and countries as well.  Just give us a call.  We will host you here at our home office and discuss with you your ideas and hopes and dreams for your new project.  We will fly around your site in virtual reality and check out the views and surrounding site influences.  We will make notes of your wishes and display to you projects of ours that might look appropriate as a possible starting point for your needs, or if you need a “from scratch” approach.  We are here to serve your architectural design needs.

Some people calling us wonder how to get started.  The answer is: you already have!  By calling us, your journey has been simplified and guided by a licensed architect that is here to help make your dreams come true.  Rand Soellner’s job is to listen to what you want, then help you make it happen.  Once you are in communication with us, we can help you get your project going.  We can help you plan your schedule of activities and milestones that will lead you to the finish line: your finished project, which for us is quite often your completed house.

Let’s take a look at our increased traffic for a moment and consider what this all means.  First of all what is does Not mean: that the economy is further deteriorating.  We don’t think so.  Why would all these people be contacting us about having us design projects for them?  Because they are worried about the economy?  We don’t think so.  Because they feel comfortable with their lives, their financial position and the future to want to have us design something nice for them to enjoy with their families into the future and quiet possibly for the rest of their lives.

So have faith!  If the increased contacts we are receiving are any indication of an improving economy, then it looks like things are getting better.  They still are not what they were 2 or 3 years ago, but do appear to be improving.

Prices for real estate have got to be at rock bottom.  They have to start going up at some point, and according to the real estate professionals we have spoken to, they believe that prices will start increasing and soon.  This might be an excellent time to take advantage of record low prices and have us start designing your new home project now.  Chances are, if you wait too long, you will be paying higher prices for everything and wishing you had enjoyed the cheap prices while the getting was good.