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(where you will find our complete contact information)

Come Play With Us / Tours
(information about your first visit to us in beautiful Cashiers, NC, including a tour of one or two Rand Soellner designed homes in this area)

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(this is one of our most popular sections: see Rand Soellner Architect designs under design, under construction or already built).

Home Design Projects
– Mountain Home Retreats
– Mountain Lodge Homes
– Custom House Architect Designs
– Family Estate Designs
– Log Home Designs
– Mountain Home Architects
– Off The Shelf Plans
– Interior Designs
– Multi-Family Designs

Mountain Resort Projects

Commercial Projects
– Office Buildings
– Industrial & Municipal
– Recreational
– Mercantile
– Restaurants
– Town Planning/Master Planning
– Fire Stations
– Educational/ Schools

Services & Locations
– Green Home Analysis 1
– Architectural Programming & Site Programming
– Site Consultation
– Community Planning & Neighborhood Theming
– Architectural Design
– Interior Design
– Construction Documents
– Bidding-Pricing-Homes
– Construction Administration
– Design-Build Services
– Warranty Period Reviews
– Post Warranty Visits & Evaluations
– Mini-Consult : Got Questions? Need Answers?

(these are various locations where we would enjoy working, or where we have or will be preparing design for, or from where we have received inquires.  It is important to understand that the main message here is: Rand Soellner Architect will be happy to design a home project for you, no matter where your land happens to be located.)

Firm Info & Philosophy
– Firm Info
– History, Biography
– Home Design Philosophy

Reasons for Rand (reasons to select Rand Soellner Architect to design your home)


(what clients are saying about Rand Soellner Architect’s designs)

Green Home Architects Index
(there are about 20 or so articles and press releases and green analysis tools and checklists created by Rand Soellner Architect to assist the Green Home Architects movement.  These include such interesting and informative interative tools as Soellner’s Gree Gauge –software that allows you model the “Greeness” of your new home’s features right on our website, and it’s free.  Other architects are welcome to link to us and use this to assist their clients as well. There are many other Green articles, including data about Global Warming, energy efficient home design, healthy home design and other features.  If you are into Green Homes, this section can hold you interest for days.)

Share Your Dreams
(this is a form that you can fill out to help you understand what you want in your home and also to send that to Rand Soellner Architect.  This is a good planning tool)

Publications, Research & Economic

(these are some of the various publications in which Rand Soellner Architect’s designs, architectural advice and other information have been published.  There are about 20 or so, on the subjects of international coffe table books in which several of Soellner’s homes were featured, timber frame designs, log home magazines, newspapers, and other publications.  There seems to be a deep interest on the part of publishers and the public in Rand Soellner Architect’s work regarding home design.)

Research & Economic
(there are about 16 to 20 articles and press release in this section on the subjects of architectural design research and the economics of building a home.  Some of these subjects are about timber frame architects and post and beam design, residential roofing, and our Architectural Research Center for Homes international (ARCH/i).  There are topics about Home Value Engineering, window and door research, financing homes and home architecture.)

WNC Real Estate
(there are several webpages about homes and land in tne Cashiers, NC real estate area, and links to Merry Soellner’s real estate website, if you happen to be looking for Cashiers homes for sale, or land or other real estate in areas of Lake Toxaway, Sapphire, Glenville, Highlands, Franklin and Brevard, North Carolina.)

Blog & Resources
Blog of Rand Soellner Architect
(this has several posts about various subjects like House Plans on the Internet, Residential Architects, and other information.)

Resources & Links
(these are links to other websites in which we thought some of you might be interested.  Some are landscape firms, vehicular dealerships, builders and other entities.  One of them is Mountain Dream Log Mansions.)

Free Offers
Build Your Home on the Green Gauge for free (you really should try this.  It allows you to interactively model your new home’s materials and systems choices and see how “green” those choices really are, as compared with other options.  Very interesting).

Share Your Dreams (this is an electronic form that allows you to make choices and tell us what you want in your dream home.  It is an enjoyable and helpful method to help you gather your thoughts about what you want for your house.)

First Consultation Free (information about your first visit to see Rand Soellner Architect in person and discuss your home design project.  A great value and very informative.  This gets the ball rolling.  We call it our Design Discovery Workshop.)


(these are many of the various services that clients desire from us.  Click on those that interest you to be taken to those pages.)