Intro Preliminary Services

Intro Preliminary Services

Intro Preliminary Services is about this Architect providing their Clients a choice of low cost, no commitment initial services before the main project begins, so that people are better informed about the options available for their project on their land, and the main spaces desired for their homes and other improvements. 

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Intro Preliminary Services














Why: some people need time to wrap their minds around the idea of doing a new project.  Such things are no small undertaking and require a significant commitment, usually in terms of financial investment and to a certain degree, some time.  And this can take a while to get used to such an event.


Which is why HOME ARCHITECTS ® decided to provide some early services, available to its Clients before the main project was started.   Most of these preliminary services can be had for a flat fee of a few hundred dollars, such as the favorite: the SITE WALK, where the Architect comes to your land and walks it with you, takes digital photos, analyzes the land and its topography, understanding where the best options might be for your house, possible outbuildings like barns, possible well, septic, driveway, garage, and other features.  The Site Walk isn’t intended as design work, more like a land use plan indicating the best use of various locations for Client features.  And most preliminary services include a PDF report filled with text, photos and Google Earth imagery explaining the Architect’s findings, emailed to  you within 5 days or so after the event, for you to use to help you with the next step. 


And knowing the best place(s) to put your house and other main improvements can be a big load off your mind and give you a comfort level for proceeding with the main project: the actual design of your house and other items, which occurs after any preliminary services, whenever the Owner decides they are ready to proceed.



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There are other preliminary introductory services as well:


Check out the INTRODUCTORY OPTIONAL SERVICES webpage when you might like to consider discovering how your project needs might be met on your land.  BTW: this firm can also help you find the right property for your project. 














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