Latest Vacuum for House Cleaning

Latest Vacuum for House Cleaning

Latest Vacuum for House Cleaning is about an Architect’s perspective of the coolest new vacuum cleaner for house cleaning.













At first glance, this modest Bissell vacuum cleaner looks pretty ordinary.  But look more closely: the center part is a break-away module that is also a stand-alone hand-vac.  And the whole thing is battery operated. 











Rechargeable with a plug-in.  Lithium ion.  And when the hand-vac part is clicked back into place in the center of the unit, there’s a nice agitator at the floor line that rolls around, so the vacuumed air coming through it is siphoned up into the hand-vac part’s dirt compartment, like a normal, 1-piece stand-up vacuum.  And whole thing is super lightweight.  I don’t see any specs, but I would guess maybe 4 or 5 pounds?

There’s no expensive paper filters to buy or change.  The hand-vac part breaks apart yet again, into smaller sections, where you can dump the gathered dust and dirt out of the vacuum.  You can also break that part down even further, to dump additional debris from the inner vacuum compartment, letting you reinvigorate the original suction power.












The vacuumed debris gets woven into something that resembles a lint rug, that you can shake out of the debris cup very easily, and with minimal friable particulates in the air (less small fibers for you to have to breathe).















And the bottom agitator unit breaks down to remove hair and other elements from the roller, so it can be restored into like-new operating condition.  My wife’s long hairs have killed 3 Roombas.  But the cleanability of this Bissell ought to make it last much longer, if we clean it once in a while.


The main feature I like the best is the ability to instantly click and remove the hand-vac from the unit so we can quickly clean our stair and other items, without taking the entire assembly along for the ride.  However, if your main task is to clean a floor or rug, leave the entire unit together and use the bottom agitator to kick up dust and debris from the rug and hardwood floor that the vacuum snarfles up into it, for easy cleaning when  you’re done.


FAIRLY QUIET OPERATION (compared to the jet engine of our Dyson)


yeah: $99 pricetag at Target.  With tax, I think we paid around $106.  Can’t have a price like that with our older Dyson (which is also as heavy as a tank).  Our Dyson will suck the chrome off a bumper, but when all you want to do is clean normal household dust and dirt quickly and comfortably (1st or 2nd floor): the Bissell is a real pleasure to use.


I’m not sure I understand why Bissell calls this “Pet”.  I don’t have any pets (dog especially) that would sit still to be vacuumed.  Bitsy would freak out, growl and run away.  But as a general, everyday house vacuum, it works just fine.

Here’s the link to the Bissell website for this unit:

There’s even several YouTube videos on how to clean the various components, which is especially good for us Guys, because we don’t have the patience to read directions.  Duh.  So the vids teach us what we need to know so we don’t kill the thing. 

Oh: there are several manufacturers that build similar units.  But the Bissell had the right combination of features, name recognition for quality, and price point (under a hundred bucks). Well done Bissell marketing and engineering working together. 


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