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Log Cabin in High Meadows by Log Home Designer Frames Views of Whiteside Mountain

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This custom handcrafted log cabin uses 14” diameter standing dead timber (lodgepole pine) for its walls, inside and out. A tin roof (actually galvanized steel) caps the whole thing off. Classic gable dormers invite sunlight into one of the upstairs bathrooms and the Great Room area. Large, flared cedar logs support the rocking chair front porch on the entry elevation and on the side elevation, which offers a spectacular view to Whiteside Mountain (the oldest mountain on Earth).  Special large glass is being fabricated for this grand view (by an Atlanta skyscraper glazing company), to allow unobstructed views of the nature views. Rand Soellner is the log cabin architect.  He designed a site arrangement allowing a side-end-load garage, which means the garage is invisible from the entry elevation of this log cabin. This homeowner had very particular requirements in the design, which Rand Soellner home architects included, including finding a very well-qualified general contractor to build it.

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Log cabin design is not what it used to be.

There is a lot more to designing a log cabin these days than in yesteryear.  Cabin architect Rand Soellner enjoyed creating this unique house.  The timber frame is one hybrid aspect that gives the interior a muscular look and feeling of permanence.  Large rear porch affords a great view to the rear of multiple mountains and to the side of Whiteside Mountain.  This is one unique log cabin design.  It is really an estate house that using classic cabin materials to give a feeling of hominess and backwoods rusticity, that belies its sophistication.  In their infancy, a log cabin was rudimentary shelter from the elements and roaming animals.  These humble homes have come a long way since the colonization of America.  Nowadays they are a status symbol.  It takes a great deal of time, attention and resources to design, fabricate, ship and build a log cabin in today’s world.  There is an appreciation on the part of log cabin owners for the joinery of the muscular elements (mainly logs) used in a log house.  And there is that indefinable sense of presence and permanence that comes with a log cabin.  “Cabins” are actually rare, as that implies a very compact, simple shelter that would not meet the demands of most homeowners these days.  Log home is probably a more accurate description.















log cabin

Another log cabin under construction, designed by Rand Soellner Architect

Rand Soellner is a log cabin architect designing log homes for a variety of places.

Rand Soellner Architect provides log home designs for a discerning clientele all over the USA and world.  Soellner: log home architects for your house, wherever you may be located. This means that Soellner will provide a cabin design for you and your property, regardless of its location: Atlanta, Las Vegas, Canada, Anchorage, Sedona, Hendersonville, Asheville, Brevard, Charlotte, Glade Springs, Jackson Hole, Chicago, Boulder, Park City, New York, Oxford, or wherever you happen to be in this world.









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