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Log Homes designed by house architect to be upscale luxury residences

log homesAn architect familiar with the design of log homes can elevate this humble type of structure:

(James Cable Blacksmithy Cabin in Cade’s Cove, TN)



into something more substantial:

log homes
log house designed by Rand Soellner Architect. (C)Copyright 2005-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Historically, this was modest settlers’ log homes.

e-mail log homesIn the 21st century, a High-Touch house with historical roots in these High-Tech times.  It seems like the more technology and our lives accelerate, the more we need someplace in which to unwind, decompress and slow down.  For some, this can be in log homes.  But not in a 16′ square ramshackle.  No, you want all the convenience and spaciousness of a modern lifestyle, along with the texture, wooden spicy fragrance and heavy structural stability that larger log homes provide.

Log Homes Have Become Mansions For Those So Interested.

The one above was designed by Rand Soellner for a family with acreage overlooking one of the most scenic lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountains: Lake Toxaway.  People from as far away as Montana, Wyoming, Washington State, Idaho and Utah have marveled over the muscular logs and inquired as to whether or not Rand Soellner would design log homes for them in the Western United States.  “Yes!” is the answer.

Log homes have a special appeal and the robust proportions designed by Rand Soellner home architects stir something exciting in people’s imaginations: “I could be living in something like this!”  Yes you can.  All it takes is a phone call: 828-269-9046.  Ask for Rand.

log homes
Rand Soellner invention: 12' tall x 22' wide lift & slide doors in Soellner's log homes. Here, in his Mountain Retreat series projects.

Log homes are no more merely utilitarian structures through which the winter winds whistle.  Rand Soellner  log homes have the timeless feel of a substantial residence that has stood the test of time, yet have every convenience known to residential technology.  This takes special skill and craftsmanship, not only on the part of the contractor, but built into the architect’s design documents.  Log homes are chocked full of appeal, technology and history.  Nothing quite comes as close to providing the sense of massiveness, solidity and timelessness.  In the end, Soellner believes clients deciding to have log homes is a visceral decision, guided by how one feels about having such a structure in which to live, rather than considerations of the other aspects.  “I guess ultimately log homes evoke an emotional response, something that appeals to people,” said Soellner.

Rand Soellner will prepare log home designs for you, to suit your own special circumstances, building site and dream lifestyle.  Rand Soellner : log home architects for projects across the world.

Where? Jacksonville, Asheville, Charlotte, Canada, including Calgary Alberta, Ontario, Montreal, and Anchorage Alaska.  Soellner is also willing to help you and design your projects in Orlando, Philadelphia, New York, Lake Mead, Lake Norman, Lake Lure, lake Burton, Michigan, and South Bend (where he grew up).   Really anywhere is fine with the Soellner firm.

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