Monster Timber Truss

Monster Timber Truss

Monster Timber Truss is about this Architect’s large timber truss supporting the front half of the the house he has under construction. 

monster truss














This very large timber truss was custom designed by the Architectural firm: HOME ARCHITECTS ®.  It was fairly economical, creating this award-winning design feature, using smaller pressure treated timber members, and combining them together to form the large bottom chord, top chord and vertical and diagonal struts.  Also, creative use was made of economical special steel long screws to hold the majority of the assembly together, along with some galvanized threaded rod and conventional bolts.  It spans approximately 24′ and has some members almost 30′ long in its assembled components.   The above image will be updated with some others as the fabrication continues and is complete soon.

Monster Timber Truss


The Architecture firm enjoys designing features like this, to call attention to something unique and eye-catching on an otherwise laid-back and simple design.  This is the “logo element”, according to the Senior Staff Architect on the project.  This is intended to draw the eye and wow visitors with its Rambo-like muscularity in an otherwise peaceful composition. 














This is part of the skill of this firm and one of the reasons this project won an international residential design award recently: knowing where to economize and simplify and where to have a little bit of interest to spice up the composition.  This project is being construction for a construction cost about 67% of most projects in this part of the WNC mountains, a budgetary & design feat that required rigorous Value Engineering.


The CGI image above illustrates what the completed assembly will look like.

Below: the 2018 ArCHdes Residential Architectural Award for excellence from the global organization ArCH (Architects Creating Homes), received for the design of this project.





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