Mountain Dream Log Mansions

Mountain Dream Log Mansions has transitioned into something simpler: two companies providing what they each do best:

Log Home Mansion Architects + Log Home Builders = Mountain Dream Log Mansions

Rand Soellner Architect, Log Mansion Architects

Wills Builders, Inc., Log  Mansion Builders

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mountain dream log mansions
One of Rand Soellner's mountain dream log mansions built by Wills Builders in the mountains of Seveir County, Tennessee. (C)Copyright 2007-2011 Rand Soellner, All Rights Resevered Worldwide.

one of the leading rustic residential architects and a leading rustic residential builder.  You can still obtain your mountain dream log mansion, still being designed by the same architect: Rand Soellner, AIA/NCARB and still being built by the same contractor: Wills Builders, Inc.





the same architect and builder still provide the same services, through their respective companies. Rand Soellner Architect still designs: custom luxury rustic mansions and Wills Builders, Inc. still builds high-end luxury houses. Give Rand Soellner a call today to start designing yours!


Mountain Dream Log Mansions was a separate, but related company that has morphed into the following:

Rustic Residential Design through: Rand Soellner Architect

Rustic Residential Construction through: Wills Builders, Inc.

Rand Soellner Architect is an architectural design company that can also recommend an outstanding licensed general contractor to build your mansion project. Rand Soellner Architect will design homes and buildings for you of any size and any budget (from small, medium to large). Mountain Dream Log Mansions specialized exclusively in high-end large rustic homes in the 7,000 heated square foot and up category, and it offered architectural design, log fabrication, shipping & delivery, reassembly and construction services for the project. It did not offer “kit houses” and did not bid on projects; it offered a turn-key, comprehensive Design-Fabrication-Construction service.


We look forward to providing you with architectural design, and through licensed contractors, construction of  luxury rustic mansions. Through our combined forces, we can design, manage and construct these luxury projects just for you. For those of you tired of looking for the best in rustic residential design, your search is over.  Log home architects offer a rare professional service and Rand Soellner is one of these few.

Here are a couple of links to other webpages involving log mansions :

mountain dream log mansions - log post base detail by Rand Soellner.  (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
mountain dream log mansions - log post base detail by Rand Soellner. (C)Copyright 2004-2010 Rand Soellner, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

The first one involves an 8,000 sf main rustic mansion and also a connected guest house with garage under it, and a shop/timber frame barn all arranged around a courtyard in the country.  The second is a single family rural mansion single structure, which began life as a cabin kit house, which the client then asked for Rand Soellner’s help to turn into a rustic mansion of greater proportions.


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