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Rand Soellner provides nationwide services of home architects

Many people from various places usually start out by asking us: “We live in Anchorage, would you design a house for us for this location?”  Our answer is always: “Yes!”  We are national home architects.  This means that we will design your home, regardless of your building site location, nationwide.

national home architects
Home Architects Rand Soellner are Nationwide (CC) ZZtop

Some people live in desert places like Las Vegas, El Paso, or other arid regions.  Some live in colder climates like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, South Bend or New York.  Others prefer suburban property near to where they work like Atlanta, Buckhead, Charlotte, Greenville, Newnan, Burbank, Dallas, Houston and other communities.

It really does not matter to the Soellner firm, because they are national home architects.  They will be architects for your home wherever it is, nationwide.

national home architects
Soellner designs houses nationwide, such as for this custom residence off the Hood Canal in Seabeck Bay, Washington. Soellner is a national firm.

Where do You live? ___________________(fill in the blank).  Please let Rand Soellner know.  Chances are, he may have designed something or has a project in the works in a state not far from your area.

Rand Soellner, AIA/NCARB is a licensed architect in multiple states throughout the USA, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Washington.  Because he is certified by NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards), he has the ability to become licensed swiftly in just about any state in the nation.  This national certification holds those certified to nationwide standards.  It has been this author’s experience that it typically requires about 10 years worth of experience to be able to obtain this national certification.  Rand Soellner has been certified by this Board since 1990.  He has a great deal of experience in architectural design.

national home architects
3 of Soellner's house designs featured in this recent book, along with other luminaries of the architectural world.


Soellner’s national residential designs are featured in books and magazines throughout the United States and the world.  For instance, 3 of his mountain residential designs are featured in the thick, full color coffee table book: about mountain home design, House With A View.  The fact is, Soellner has designed projects not only in the United States, and also overseas.  For instance, he lived in Kuwait City for 2 months while on assignment designing a gigantic shopping mall on the Arabian Gulf themed after famous American cities.

So, don’t let your being in some other state of the USA dissuade you from hiring one of the best house designers on the planet.  If Soellner can design projects in the Middle East, in an international situation, he can certainly design your project on homeland soil in national circumstances.  The fact is, most residential architectural firms who only design houses for their immediate vicinity may have difficulties finding enough clients to result in a thriving practice.  The reason is that there may not be enough business nearby to sustain them and the others in their area.  This of course will vary from region to region and firm to firm.

Not being confined by local and regional boundaries allows the national Soellner firm to provide its focused house design services nationwide.  Due to this national practice, Soellner possesses greater knowledge of both historic and the latest information about residential design than local firms are likely to possess.  This is the result of greater exposure to a larger variety of situations over a national scenario.

Having a national background in house design helps Rand Soellner have the depth of experience with a variety of wide-ranging conditions to know how to deal with just about any situation you may have where you wish to live.  As a matter of fact, this expertise continues across several oceans to the other side of the planet.  Wouldn’t you want this kind of knowledge creating your custom house project?  Why would you want anything less than the strength and expertise of a national firm?  Don’t you deserve the best expert you can find?  Please allow Rand Soellner Architect to design your next custom house project.  The result will be a residence in which you can live for a lifetime.  All it takes is a phone call to : 1-828-269-9046 or an e-mail to or an instant message (see the upper right corner of this webpage).

Contact for national home architects :

Rand Soellner Architect 1. 828. 269. 9046

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