7 Natural Materials Architecture & Organic Architects

Organic architects design luxury homes using natural materials architecture.

natural materials architecture Rand Soellner used to design projects for one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s main apprentices. Mr. Wright had a philosophy natural materials architecture for Organic Architects. Natural materials have an appeal that speaks to people’s hearts and souls.  Soellner calls designers like these: green home architects.
natural materials architecture
natural materials architecturee-mail natural materials architectureNatural Materials Architecture has been guiding Rand Soellner’s architectural design since the 1970s. Mr. Wright’s work was based upon similar natural principles. He established the principals for organic designers.  The idea is more than just a given “look”. It is a deep, abiding connection with the soul of the planet: the sky, sea, wind, views and land.
natural materials architectureThis philosophical, well-rooted way of thinking evokes a respect for the planet that Rand Soellner’s homes undeniably and joyfully possess and express. The tip of the iceberg is the way his houses “look.” You then delve deeper to understand that organic architects have a philosophic basis that has roots: natural materials architecture.  The reasons they look the way they do have to do with the deeper philosophy that created them.You see the large granite boulders of the mountain bedrock transitioning into the large granite boulders of Soellner’s stone walls, blurring the line between the two; the house looking as if it grew there when the mountains took shape eons ago. Hence Soellner’s byline: “Timeless Mountain Architecture.”  It is a natural and comfortable design philosophy.
natural materials architecturenatural materials architecture
natural materials architectureRand Soellner suggests Siberian Larch as natural materials architecture option to the typical Heart Pine flooring and trim work. Natural materials architecture suggests that ecologically sensitive materials and sources be used.  “Siberian Larch is a distinctive wood that looks like a denser, tighter-grain, more upscale version of antique heart pine,” said Rand Soellner, AIA. It is remarkable that this more upscale wood is available at pricing Lower than heart pine, much less than antique heart pine. Grade: A/B for 7-1/4” wide x ¾” thick, unfinished, pre-sanded, microbeveled edges. GREEN PRODUCT: Environmentally sustainable source, certified from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

The majority of today’s designers seem to have a modernistic style and they seem to enjoy trying to come up with ever more “cutting edge” technological and futuristic aesthetic features.  Soellner’s designs run contrary to this.  He purposely works to create Natural and “Timeless” designs that are difficult to position as to any particular era.  He likes his work to appear as if it grew right from the bedrock.  Although most firms seem to prefer making buildings and homes appear ultra-modern, Soellner’s approach is focused on eliminating stylistic cues.  Soellner prefers for people to not be able to see anything that would convince you that the home wasn’t built 150 years ago, or 25 years from now.  Natural and timeless mean just that.

green home design universityGREEN HOME DESIGN UNIVERSITY QUESTIONS, for those of you taking Rand Soellner’s course of green instruction:  about the above subject:

1.  Who established the original principals for organic architecture?
a.  Sam Sneed
b. Frank Lloyd Wright
c. Gwathmey Seigel
d. LeCorbusier

2.  What material would Not be a main one to use in Natural Materials Architecture:
a.  native boulders.
b.  exposed aluminum wall panels with rigid insulation.
c.  wood siding.
d.  interior hardwood flooring.

3.  Which of the following represents a sustainable source of materials?
a.  Exxon.
b.  FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
c.  BP gasoline.

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