Build Now: New Home Design & Construction

In this economy, should I proceed with my New Home Design and Construction?

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Here you are, trying to decide what to do:

1.  Have my architect create my new home design?
2.  Have my builder build that new home design?
3.  Stand pat and wait for things to get better?

new home design
New home design of Rand Soellner Architect.

Several weighty decisions there…  What to do?  Well, America needs about 1.2 million new homes e-mail new home designper year (and new home design as well) and I don’t think that statistic has reduced since this current economic “thing” has been happening.  If anything, it has probably increased and is pent-up, because that need is not being met, at least with new houses.  There was a a glut of houses that unwary investors constructed, beyond America’s housing demand.  According to Warren Buffett, that is one of the primary reasons for the present housing market dip.  This overbuilt inventory is now being gobbled up daily, at sub-market prices and when they are all gone, the housing market will rebound with a vengeance.  Now that you know this, you may want to take advantage of it now.  That is just more people on the reservoir side of the “dam” which should be bursting as our economy swings out of the current dip.  The Fed Chairman was interviewed on TV (60 Minutes, I think) and he said that we are beginning to come out of this and that positive steps have been taken to correct the dip.  I for one, believe him.

new home design
The time to build your new home design is now.

If you are doing just fine, why would you want to wait?  For what?  To the best of my knowledge,  Interest rates have never been lower in the last 50 years.  I should know, I was alive back then and I had a savings account that my parents set up for me when I was born and it paid something like 5% or so.  I have seen new financing on 30 year fixed rate terms on jumbo loans at 5.625% these days (7/2009).  Amazing!  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS and help stimulate America’s economy!  Also, real estate prices have been slashed across the country by 15% and more.  The National Association of Realtors reports that this downward trend bottomed out between March-May 2009 and is now in the upswing.  Buy Your Land Now! Proceed with your new home design.  What are you waiting for?

Should You Proceed with Your New Home Design Now?

new home design
build your new house design now.

I personally have seen even high-end custom quality house builders doing projects for less and building materials costing less (something I had not expected to see).  Buy your construction materials now.  The economy is starting to improve, which means prices will start increasing.  Buy Now!  Build Now!  You will kick yourself several months or years from now.  Why? Because you have been “waiting for the economy to improve,” before you build your new residential design.  What’s that mean for your specific design project?  I can tell you: it means it will cost you more if you wait for the economy to show substantial signs of improvement, because that will be about the time that contractors and material suppliers and realtors can smell the reemerging economy in the air and prices will start skyrocketing.

Do it now.  If your personal economy is okay, what purpose does it serve to wait to pay higher prices?  Today you find yourself at a unique place in history.  History is what’s happening all around you and for once, you can feel the reality.  You are at the bottom and can take advantage of it.  It’s like knowing what MicroSoft was going to be in 1984 and you bought millions of shares back then for pennies.  You now know!  Do something about it: start your new residential design project design as soon as you can, with someone like Rand Soellner Architect, then get your project under construction as soon as possible, to take advantage of these low prices!  Enjoy!

We would like to share with you an excerpt from Raymond Charles Barker’s 1968 book, The Power of Decision.  This man was years ahead of his contemporaries and he is the subject of study of spiritual studies groups worldwide right now:

“Your heart’s desires are your great assets.  They indicate the experiences you can have when you make your decisions to have them.  They are mighty potentials awaiting your attention.  They should never be ignored.  With correct spiritual understanding, they can now emerge in your life to fulfill your life.  As you think about them, they stir within your consciousness as the baby stirs within the mother’s womb.  They want out.  They want to be made visible by means of you.  They are knocking on the door of your intuition, trusting that you will open that door.”

In a nutshell: there is no coincidence in the Universe.  There is Intention.  There is a reason that you have been blessed with your idea to have your new house design created by a good architect, then built.  Now is the time!

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