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    Our e-magazine is a compilation of the previous month’s blog posts, our online articles about residential architecture.  You’ll find articles about giant “shake” tables in Japan that help America better prepare its own houses for seismic events, roofing, maintenance, efficient trends in lighting for your house, siding, foundations, electrical systems, paint, waterproofing, sitework, hardscaping, why you might want to consider engaging an architect to design your house, and many other subjects that may be of interest to you regarding residential design, construction and maintenance.

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    The reason we publish this e-magazine for free is that we would like to remain in contact with our potential clients, so that they know where to find us when they want to begin their projects.  Also, we would like to provide useful information to any other interested parties in the World, when they see some bit of knowledge in our magazine about something that might improve their lives.  In particular, we are strong advocates of hiring residential architects to design people’s houses, whether you select our firm or another one.  We firmly believe that the World is made better through well-designed houses and buildings.  And this happens when you hire an architect to design your house.

    An architect is a professional that is created when someone attends a major university program with an accredited college of architecture, then also likely spends another 2 to 4 years of graduate school to earn a Master’s degree (like Rand Soellner did), then worked for and with other licensed, experienced architects who watched his every move, for about another 10 years, making sure that he learns how to design, document, and perform architectural work properly.  Then this person must be vouched for by other licensed professionals, then a State Board of Architecture may allow him to take a grueling multi-day exam, which very few people pass.  Then you have a new licensed rchitect.  Then that person must amass decades of additional experience to become the person you see before you called an architect today.

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