Oklahoma Timber Frame Architecture

Oklahoma Timber Frame Architecture

Rand Soellner Architect is a popular choice for people looking for timber frame architects for their proposed homes in  locations across the USA.  Some of these people want this timeless architecture for their dream retirement houses, or for a new family compound estate village, or if they are down-sizing and want a more modest residence.

oklahoma timber frame architecture

Rand Soellner’s work can be authentic or conventional + hybrid timber features, as you wish and as your construction budget permits.  He will help you get what you want for your next house in Oklahoma, or wherever you happen to be located.

Timber Frame Architecture in Oklahoma

Why are we talking about Oklahoma timber frame architecture?  Because some of Soellner’s clients are there and others have made inquires.  Broken Bow, Eufaula, Oklahoma City, and other towns and counties have been very interested in Soellner’s work in timber frames.

Please let us know if we may be of service to you.  We also service Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana and other parts of the USA, no matter where your land happens to be found.

Rand was having lunch recently with a provider of timber frame trusses, beams, and posts.  The manufacturer’s representative made an interesting comment about when people might decide to have their dream home designed and built.  The representative became philosophical and commented that “None of us are going to live forever.”  His point was the sooner someone gets started having their wonderful residence designed, the sooner they can get it built, move in, and start enjoying life there the way they have always wanted.  And they can do so for a longer period of time if they don’t keep putting it off.

oklahoma timber frame architecture
Prioritize what is important to you in life. It just might be your next dream house.

Why do you keep putting it off?  There are many convenient things to blame: the economy, your nephew’s graduation, wanting to earn an arbitrary amount of money before proceeding with your dream house.  Sure, any of these reasons seem valid at the time.  However, in the grand scheme of your lifetime, getting what you really want to make you happier then you have ever been before really should become a priority, shouldn’t it?  The payback to you is in how many years to get to enjoy your dream residence.   Every year you put it off means another year you won’t be able to enjoy it.  That is irretrievable.   Only you can adjust things in your life to allow you to proceed with the best house of your life.

That’s where Rand Soellner HOME ARCHITECTS TM come into the situation.  They can help you program, design, and assist in administering the construction of your special home.

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