Our New E-Magazine on House Design

Our New E-Magazine on House Design

The HOME ARCHITECTS SM just launched their new e-Magazine on the subject of house design.

new online e-magazine about house design




How to Sign Up to Receive the New e-Magazine About House Design

Issue 1 is May 2012.  To sign up to receive the electronic magazine is easy.  Just get on the homepage of the company’s website and look on the right side, under the menu.  You will see the text: “Subscribe to our Free E-Magazine”.  Click on that text.  A sign-up form will appear.  There are only about 5 lines of information, so that we know how to contact you and where to e-mail the e-magazine.  Click the “Send” button.  That’s it.

You can click here to get to this sign-up form right now –> e-Magazine Sign-Up Form .

When the e-Magazine Will be Delivered

Doing the above will put you on the e-mailing list to receive the free e-magazine about house design.  The magazine will be sent to your e-mail in-box only once a month.  The company thought about how many e-mails they themselves receive in a day and thought that once a month is enough.  Depending on when you have subscribed, you may receive the most recent previous edition immediately, and the new issue whenever the new month comes around.  In that instance, you may receive 2 issues in your first month.

Back Issues

You can have access to back issues by clicking on the “see previous issues index” button on each issue of the e-magazine, starting with Issue #2 (June 2012).  That’s just one of the advantages of an electronic magazine: you can push buttons and click on text or images, and be taken to other webpages on the Internet.

You can click here to see the firm’s Publications Index page and near the top of that page, you will see the e-magazine index of past issues.  This is a new online publication, so there will not be very many for a few months –> E-Magazine Index .

How the e-Magazine Functions

Each issue will contain a brief editorial, followed by a table of contents.  There will typically only be 3 to 6 article titles listed per issue.  There will be a brief summary about what each of these articles contains.  Each of these article titles is actually a hotlink.  When you click on any of these hotlinks, you will see your Internet browser come up, then the article will appear in your browser window.  These will typically be online articles and posts that the HOME ARCHITECTS SM publish about once a week on their website.  Everything that is contained in each weekly post will appear.  In other words, you have the ability, from the e-Magazine, to peruse all of the online articles created during the last month from one of the leading residential architects in the Country.

If you see a hotlink that doesn’t sound like something in which you would be interested, ignore it.  When you see a topic that sounds interesting to you, click on it.  Begin reading, and if you want to continue, do so; if not, turn that window off,  then click on the next title, if you wish.

Subject Matter

e-magazine about house designThe nature of the material is typically strongly related to residential architecture.  Subjects can be about “green” design features, roofing, siding, foundations, windows, doors, electrical systems, heating ventilating and air-conditioning, maintenance of your house, how to manage the design of your next house project, why an architect would be a good idea, what an architect does for you, insulation, nails, paint, construction activities and contractors, building codes, prudent design practices, and hundreds of other subjects related to house design and construction.

Editorial information: Rand Soellner, AIA/NCARB/LHI, Rand@HomeArchitects.com , 828-269-9046.

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