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Park City Home Architects are a special breed of architect.  We love the mountains; they are in our blood.  Some of us have ancestral roots going back generations in Europe, with forefathers who were born and raised in the mountains.  Those of us who do it well, live in one mountain range or another, 365 days a year.  That’s what it takes to obtain the experience necessary to properly capture the spirit and the technical know-how to craft a mountain house that will delight you decade after decade and endure for your children and your grandchildren.  HOME ARCHITECTS ®, one of the world’s leading mountain house architects, calls this Legacy Mountain Architecture, which is one of his specialties.


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So what makes Park City, Utah, USA so special?  How about the little girls who make snowmen in the front yard of your mountain retreat home?  Your sons and daughters and grandkids and you: that’s what’s special.


(C)Copyright Betty Leung. photo from big stock.  Imagine being able to walk out of the back door of your new mountain home, grab yoru skis, and shooosh off to the slopes!

Also, how about the winter skiing?  Fantastic.  A World-class attraction, here in Park City!

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And the historic downtown area?  Wonderful shopping in a unique mountain environment.  Who wouldn’t love it here?  Park City has everything a mountain town could have and still retain its rustic charm.  Timber frame architects design projects here like most towns have air.  Big post and beam architecture is standard.  Post and beam architects love it here.  So do Park City home architects.  Come and get it!

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And the canyon country State and Federal parks nearby Park City?  What a delight for a day trip/picnic experience.

Everything from scenic canyons to amazing waterfalls; this is the place to be!  Your Park City house architects will certainly be studying all the topography that makes your homesite such a special place.

(C)Copyright Christopher Howells photographer. image from big stock.  Ancient indians knew how to use local materials to create their own organic architecture, blending nearly seamlessly with this special mountain environment.

Even the ancient Anasazi Indians knew how to build in the Utah area, using the local materials, creating an indigenous architecture that looks like it grew here.  Frank Lloyd Wright called this Organic Architecture.  Interestingly enough, one of the leading mountain house architects, Rand Soellner, AIA, senior staff architect at HOME ARCHITECTS ® used to design projects for one of Mr. Wright’s main apprentices!

This sort of architecture from nearby sources, using small amounts of energy with rewable materials is also referred to as Sustainable, Environmental and these days: Green home architecture.

This is something that affects Global Warming and our entire World.  Click here to see one of the best sources of information from NOAA and other national entities at the definitive architectural environmental website: Green Architects…click here.


(C)Copyright Suzy Oliveira photographer. image big stock.  Beautiful features like this waterfall are what your Park City home architects will be on the lookout for you.

(C)Copyright Suzy Oliveira photographer. image big stock. Beautiful features like this waterfall are what your Park City house architects will be on the lookout for you.

Park City Home Architect :

Step 1 to Creating Your Custom House Design

click on this logo fo direct e-mail to RandWhat features do you Park City Home Architects look for?  Well, step 1. normally is Your Lifestyle.  How you want to live in your mountain home.  Whether this is a vacation home, a future retirement house or your new, full-time residence.  If you want a sewing room.  A big kitchen.  A 3-car garage.  An open plan design.  A home gym.  Outdoor Living Room with huge fireplace!  On and on…  Your Park City House Architects will listen and take notes and incorporate your desires into your dream house plans.

(C)Copyright Ilona Bila photographer. image big stock.  Imagine hiking in this nearby canyon, enjoying the fresh air; getting back to nature!

(C)Copyright Ilona Bila photographer. image big stock. Imagine hiking in this nearby canyon, enjoying the fresh air; getting back to nature!

Step 2: from Your Park City Residential Architects and Your New Luxury Mountain House Design

Step 2: (and some might make this step 1.): Your site: in what directions are the best views?  Probably everywhere!  Prevailing breezes during pleasant weather?  The passage of the Sun over the property?  Neighboring houses (to avoid), ingress and egress, zoning regulations and homeowner association guidelines governing the design of your mountain house…this list can become quite involved.  But in a nutshell, that’s where Park City Residential Architects start.  You and your special building site are the main 2 ingredients, and your Park City house architects will then take their experience and knowledge to create your custom mountain dream house.

Should you possibly be interested in contacting one of the World’s Leading mountain house architects, please click here:

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For a down-to-earth discussion on your house design, give a real mountain house architect a call today.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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