Please Let Us Help You with Your House Project

Please Let Us Help You with Your House Project

It’s what we do: design houses.  We also create modification drawings and specifications for house renovations and remodeling.  Once in a while we get a call from someone asking about us building their residence.  Rand Soellner is an architect.  That means: we mainly design, not build.  Our specialty happens to be the design of houses.

Contractors build.  An architect designs the project, drawing and specifying the layout and materials the builder is supposed to use when constructing your residence.  That’s the general way of things in the architectural and construction world.  We have teamed with contractors often in the past, to create Design-Build teams in which a closely-knit group of both design and construction professionals work together to meet our mutual client’s objectives.

We are here, ready to help you with your residential design needs, however you would like to engage us.  Sometime clients feel that the modest nature of their project is not something that we would consider.  That is not correct.  We will work on just about any project, anywhere, whether it is a new residence of a large size, medium, or small.  We also design additions, which are generally part of a remodeling, being accomplished to an existing residence.

We enjoy what we do and are eager to help you wherever your project may be located.  That’s another issue we try to explain.  Because we are housing design specialists, we have a broader area in which we work : the world, all of the United States, North America, or wherever you are.  That’s right.  We are interested in your house design project anywhere in the world.

We design small cottages in the woods, as guest quarters, or as your new down-sized house.  We also create medium-sized suburban houses in conventional neighborhoods, when clients just can’t seem to find what they want from any other source.  They come to us and we help them by creating a design that is a better fit for their functional and aesthetic objectives.  We also custom-craft large estate houses, family villages and even castles, if that is what you want.  And don’t forget the revisions and renovations to all of those; we do it all.

We know that you might think that perhaps you should look to your local designers or another architect in your town.  If you really like their design work, fine, do that.  However, if you believe that your local pool of talent can mimic what we do overnight; that may not happen to your satisfaction, unless they have been doing it for decades.  Especially if quality residential design is not what they have been doing most of their lives like Rand Soellner Architect.  It pays to hire the specialist, who will do the best job for you.  Would you hire a doctor who specializes in wrist surgeries to handle a respiratory problem?  Of course not.  Sometimes you might have to go a farther distance to find just the right professional to handle your situation.  I suppose you could call us the “house doctors.”  That’s why we work all over the USA.

Please give us a call or e-mail and let’s talk about it.