Since 1984

Rand Soellner, Architect, ArCH, NCARB, CRAfts™ began his company in 1984.  Since then, he has also served in several capacities in other firms, as a consultant, Design Architect, Project Manager, Vice President and other roles.  His company continues to this day as HOME ARCHITECTS ® and is his sole business focus.  He personally designs every custom house and commercial project himself.  When you hire this company, you have the top person creating your project.


Licensed as an Architect

Rand Soellner and his company is a licensed Architect in the following states:

North Carolina #9266
Tennessee #105028 poia (in the process of being reactivated)
Washington state #9798 poia
South Carolina #6793 poia
Florida #9264 poia

and more being considered.  He is able to design houses anywhere in the world.

“poia”= (presently on inactive status)


So if your project is in Texas, or Colorado, or Canada, South America, Switzerland or anywhere, do consider HOME ARCHITECTS ®, one of the leading residential architects on the planet.


Decades of Experience

Rand Soellner ArCH, has about 52 years experience in architecture, with 38 years as a licensed architect.  He is a member and founder of ArCH (Architects Creating Homes), a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and has designed hundreds of projects.  He serves on ArCH’s Executive Committee, as a leader in the design of houses, helping to guide the course of this nationwide professional society of licensed Architects that specialize in the design of houses.  He brings major commercial experience to bear on fine residential design, resulting in houses of unsurpassed value, quality and aesthetics.


Home Inspector

Rand Soellner was previously licensed Home Inspector in:
North Carolina. He put that on a poia status.
Very few Architects have this additional credential, which is very unique: licensed home inspectors know a lot about residential systems, materials and conditions that provide an additional level of detailed knowledge to help you in the design of your house, to help make it more durable, healthier and safer.



Typically when you call the firm, Rand himself answers the phone (1-828-269-9046).  There are no menu trees or other things involved; you get right to the person you want to speak with about your custom project.  This architectural firm is probably the most available Architect on the planet.  Here’s how:  You can reach them 7 days a week, even on holidays, from 9AM to 9PM.  You can meet with the company any day or evening of the week, month or year.  The company believes that by honoring them with your trust, you deserve to have access, and you do.  Perform a little experiment: try to contact other professional firms of any kind (Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, etc.) during off-hours (after 5PM) and on holidays or weekends and see what happens.  Then try HOME ARCHITECTS ®.  You will experience a friendly, responsive and accessible breath of fresh air.  Why is this company so accessible?  Because they love what they do.  They really enjoy talking with you about your project, then developing your dream house.

Many of the Firm’s Houses Appear in Challenging Terrains with Magnificent Views

The company’s designs are often in mountainous environments, and they also have examples of designs in flatlands like Florida.  Steep, rocky terrain is much more difficult to design on than flat country, so the fact that they are capable of the more challenging task amply qualifies them for simpler topography.


The reason their work appears in several mountain locations is that their designs in the mountains are dramatic and capture people’s imaginations.  When people see this kind of drama and spectacular views, they want it for themselves.  Rand used to design projects for one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s main apprentices, giving him and his company an understanding of Mr. Wright’s “View Systems.”  This is a planning technique in which the primary views offered by a site are built into the design of the residence, thereby insuring that the beautiful vistas that convinced the owners to purchased the land are framed by major glass areas in the architecture.


Residential Office Location

We design homes and other interesting projects All Over the United States and abroad.  Our home office location happens to be:

P.O. Box 907

Cashiers, North Carolina  28717





The company used to rent office space, but soon discovered that their mainly residential clients really had no interest in seeing rented space, but rather, preferred to meet and tour custom houses that the firm had designed.  Therefore, Rand’s wife, Merry, suggested that they design and build a residence to serve as an example of their design abilities and meet with clients there and work there as well.  So, that is what was established.  If you are interested in becoming a client and would like to tour the home-office, let us know.  During the CV19 pandemic, this option has been curtailed, until further notice.


Professional Certifications and Memberships

Mr. Soellner is a member of, or certified by, or partner with:

ArCH (Architects Creating Homes)

NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) #39156

CRAfts (Certified Residential Architect) #000001

Energy Star Partner (US Department of Energy / Environmental Protection Agency)

Licensed Architect in multiple states in the US.



Public Participation in Environmental & “Green Design” Education

The company is HomeArchitects on Twitter and posts “tweets” as the:

Green Home Architects GREENTIPS

Hundreds of people follow HOME ARCHITECTS Twitter profile, now over a thousand strong, and all obtained from people interested in the company’s green architecture guidance.  The firm’s Twitter ranking is about 96 out of 100, indicating strong interest from the public.  Some of the company’s followers include NBA stars, major news agencies, Governors of States, Hollywood actors and just plain people interested in how to save energy, have a healthier house and reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.


The firm also has one of the largest collections of Green pages on their website; approximately 40 as of this date, and growing monthly.  These educational pages offer free environmental, sustainable and energy efficient advice and hard-core solutions to people so interested.



Decades of Experience Designing Custom Houses & Other Projects, Early Years.

Mr. Soellner began designing custom residences when only 15 years old, as a high school sophomore.  He surprised drafting teachers by designing elaborate residences and making models of them, of the like they had never seen before and they encouraged him to become an Architect, as did Rand’s parents, who took him to World’s fairs, Frank Lloyd Wright houses, and other events and places to study cutting edge architecture.  After more than 4 decades of designing residences, Rand and his company have become a leading house Architect and their designs are featured in books and magazines worldwide.



Education at Leading University.

Rand Soellner earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture from the University of Florida.  He appeared on the Dean’s List often for high academic achievement and sustained a 3.9 GPA (out of 4.0) for his graduate school work.  His thesis project was a large, complex multi-functional multi-use facility with housing units, offices, retail outlets, elevators, escalators, parking garage, atrium, man-made lake, cultural center, monorail connection to Fort Myers, extensive landscaping, recreation and other sub-urban connections.  When critiqued by the chairman of the Graduate School of Design (Harry Merritt, AIA), Mr. Merritt said simply: “This is Architecture!”



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