Reasons for HOME ARCHITECTS  to Design Your House


Here a just a few good reasons…



Your new home can have features like this!
Your new custom home can have features like this!

HOME ARCHITECTS  ® houses are gorgeous!

Spectacular mountain house design features.

Rugged boulders, native rockwork, huge ancient beams.

Gigantic doors that retract out of the way, maximizing your amazing views! The firm wants you to enjoy your unique vistas.












We are custom home architects designing your luxury home around your lifestyle and your fabulous views, like this Mountain Retreat home design of ours, now under construction in Sevier County, TN, USA.
The firm designs your luxury residence around your lifestyle and your fabulous views, like this Mountain Retreat castle design, now completed in Sevier County, TN, USA.

– Room/space orientations that place as many rooms as possible looking at your best site views!

– Functional room arrangements that give you convenience

– – Garages next to kitchens

– – Master Suites separate for acoustical and visual privacy

– – View Dining looking at your great views!

– – Kitchens with views, adjacent to dining spaces

– – Outdoor covered living areas right on your fantastic mountain views!






















We evaluate every aspect of the project to allow us to indicate what we believe is the most economical way to build your project as part of our Base Bid documents.
We evaluate projects to indicate durable & reasonable ways to build your project.

This firm is one of the best Home Value Engineering architects on the planet.

– Base Bid Pricing Strategy (BBPS) (an exclusive from Home Architects ® ). They design your project using what they feel are the most economical systems and materials (that are still durable) for your BBPS, insuring that you receive the very best possible pricing for your project. The company wants to help you obtain the best value.

– Competitive bids from interested qualified licensed General Contractors (GC) due to BBPS (above), assuming there are an adequate number of interested GCs.

– You determine the ultimate cost of your house based on Your choices. You are in charge!




















Want Some More Reasons for Choosing  HOME ARCHITECTS ® ?

Here you go:

4. Green Residential Architects

Recycling & Energy Efficiency is the firm’s middle name.

reasons for Home ArchitectThe firm is one of the leading green residential architects on the planet. Just look on Google or Yahoo or any other search engine. Out of over 50 million listings in this category, the firm is typically on page 1, and sometimes in the top 2 or 3. The company writes articles on Green Design, Energy Efficient Architecture, Energy Conservation and also describes tips for “Going Green 4 Less,” and have  Checklists for design and construction. The company’s senior staff architect, Rand Soellner, ArCH, was the design architect engaged by a major university to select the new site for the New Florida Solar Energy Center and also conceptually designed it, including a full color rendering of the proposed complex in Cocoa, Florida.  Many of the techniques that he uses insures that your house sips energy and is a healthy place in which to live.   Many of these techniques and are the result of decades of trial and error work as practicing architects. Staff has articles published on the World Wide Web and is recognized in the industry as a leading green residential architect. Having the company designing your project is good for you and good for your community and the World, helping make this a greener planet.












5. Energy Star Partner

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6. Licensed Professional, Degreed, Registered, National Architectural Certifications

Hire a registered, licensed professional REAL architect to design your home.  It is Your Home, don't you want the most qualified professional possible creating the place where you and your loved ones live?
Hire a registered, licensed professional REAL architect to design your house. It is Your residence, don’t you want the most qualified professional possible creating the place where you and your loved ones live?

Senior staff architect, Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB is a licensed architect, registered in several states in the USA and he has chosen to focus much of his practice on residential design. There is a big difference between his experience and services than those of a mere residential designer. Want to know more about the differences and why should hire a licensed architect? Click Here on these words to see.

Staff architect Rand Soellner also is a member of ArCH (Architects Creating Homes), and also has an NCARB certification (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards).   Mr. Soellner has had his NCARB certification since 1990. Only the cream of the crop of Architects attain this certification. It requires other experienced Architects to be knowledgeable of your experience and attitudes and professionalism and for them to vouch for you, along with satisfied clients.   It takes about 10 years of perfect practice in an outstanding manner.  Rand Soellner now becomes licensed in just about any state throughout the USA through reciprocity because of his NCARB standing.  Rand obtained his licensure in a seismic state (Washington), and several others, including NC, FL, SC, TN, and can become licensed just about anywhere in a matter of a few weeks due to his NCARB certification.


7. Passion, Heart & Soul, Design Quality, Enthusiasm & Positive Attitude

We get a kick out of being custom home architects and designing your next house design!
We get a kick out of being custom house architects!

The firm enjoys what they do! It is fun for them! They love what they do and it shows in the company’s work.   And they want it to be fun for you, too.  The company will do everything they can possibly think of to help you accomplish your goals.   The company’s clients have called to tell them how much they love their houses after they move in.   They say that there is an indefinable quality that gives them peace and serenity from their workaday world elsewhere; that upon arriving at the house this firm designed for them, that they decompress, delight in the views captured for them, appreciate the warmth and texture of the architecture embracing them and find themselves AT HOME.  Some call this Design Quality and attribute mystical qualities to it.  It is the overall connection of you, your lifestyle and your site, perfectly connected in Your residence.   Some call it Heart & Soul. Whatever you may wish to call it, there is no denying that IT is in all of the company’s projects…you start to feel a sense of anticipation as you approach your new house, perhaps when even a state away and your eagerness grows as you get closer.   Until, finally you ARE HOME. Enjoy!

8. We Want Your Business & Your Project

The company humbly hereby asks for your business.   HOME ARCHITECTS ® wants to be your residential architect for your house, and your commercial architect of themed resorts.  This company would love to design your house/project and will assure you of their appreciation in their positive attitude throughout your job.


9. Responsiveness with a Capital “R”

The senior staff architect answers his own phone. Rand sits here working on projects like yours nearly every day of the year, so you can reach him.  How many times have you called a business that you were paying, only to have to spend your time working through voice-mail menu trees?  How many times do you punch the “0” button on your phone, hoping to summon a real, breathing human being who will listen to what you want, then make it happen?  When you call this company, you get us.  Immediately.  On the extremely rare occasions when you cannot reach us at our home-office phone or cell, we will return your call usually in a matter of minutes. Have you every been frustrated because someone you have hired to do something important for you won’t answer e-mails or phone calls?  Not this company! This company realizes that you deserve to have prompt attention and have any questions or concerns addressed immediately.   The staff here take their position of trust seriously and hereby pledge to you that They Will Be Available To You. They normally are reachable by phone about 12 hours out of every day (no kidding!) and 24/7 with e-mails.   They never allow e-mails for phone messages to stack up; they check them frequently, although they don’t get many voicemail messages because they typically answer the phone in person! They take the above for granted, but have discovered that many of their clients have expressed how refreshing it is to have someone as responsive as this company’s staff to take care of their projects; it is not what they have been used to with Brand X.  We take this “reachability” issue very seriously; you are guaranteed access to us as clients. The firm want you happy and realizes that part of that is being able to talk with staff whenever you need to do so.


10. Low Project Volume

The company doesn’t handle thousands or hundreds or even dozens of projects each year like some pre-designed “plans-mill” firms. This firm designs nearly exclusively custom. What does this mean for you and your project? You are treated with the special courtesies and our devoted focus on your project. Staff is  not scattering efforts across hundreds of projects. You are receiving the attentions of our top licensed architect, Rand Soellner ArCH/NCARB himself, designing your project. The firm doesn’t just dream up “plans” for no particular client, then try to sell them to you. Rather, they design projects around your unique lifestyle and your site.  If you really want to purchase an existing project design, the firm can accommodate you, knowing that it was conceived for real clients with real needs, which means these designs have substance and attention to detail to satisfy the desires of real people. And creating custom house designs for real people makes all the difference in the World, and you need an Architect with a low yearly project volume to be able to do that, so your needs don’t get lost in the shuffle. You are paying for and you get our undivided attention, solving your residential design.


11. Computerized Project Documents

This firm’s staff has been doing this for so long this way (by computer) they were recently amazed to learn that there are still other individuals and companies still stubbornly drawing by hand, reproducing the same old things in the same old way, and at greater expense to you, because that takes longer, and is highly inaccurate, which can cause big problems for you and your builder during construction. The company draws their house plans and residential designs and commercial and themed projects on the most widely accepted CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) design software in the World. Why? Because staff member’s commercial and governmental contracts (such as on airports and high schools and the like) required them to produce their work on this software if the company wanted to do business with the various entities. Staff has become very good at it.  What’s the big deal?  Why is this important?  Because computer drawings exactly locate the lines and other objects on the computer drawing with great precision and even partially automate the dimensioning of the position of these lines and objects with respect to each other, in 3 dimensions (in the X, Y and Z coordinates), which is how builders understand where to position your walls, floors, beams, trusses, windows, doors and other elements.

Having this preciseness allows your builder to swiftly build your project.  Not having this (such as with many hand-drawn documents) can create errors of dimensions or an outright lack of dimensions that makes your builder stop the job repeatedly to scratch his head and try to figure out where in space to locate the walls, beams and other components of your project.   This firm has also heard of house design hand-drawing firms redrawing their same old designs and charging you for this laborious method. HOME ARCHITECTS ® copy and paste their pre-existing data on computer and save you the expense. Also, the company’s master specifications are on computer, right on drawings, so they are on every jobsite and you reap the benefits of having the most up-to-date specs on your project, edited for your job. Easy on computer; very hard by hand. Also, computer drawings are about 2 to 3 times clearer than hand-drawn drawings. The firm precisely controls each line weight and color with their computer settings and print out our drawings on white bond paper in waterproof ink.  Contractors love their documents in the field; they report never before having such clear, precise drawings. Bottom line: saves your builder time and you money in the field due to more accurate designs and documents that are easier to understand and read.

The firm also now includes the Contractor Bid Proposal Forms in their Division 0 Administrative Specifications.  Why?  So that all interested participating builders pricing your project are being compared apples to apples.  There is no wiggle room for misunderstandings and specifically indicate how the builders are to price your project and what is and what is not included and what items are Owner Optional Upgrades and which are in the Base Bid Price.   This company has never seen this level of bid proposal management built into house design documents by any other firm. What does this mean for you?  Clear, clean level-field bid pricing by your interested contractors to insure that you receive price proposals that include what your documents (that you have approved) say they are to include, and allow you to compare your various contractor price proposals against uniform standards, knowing that they are all bidding on the same things and not taking any liberties.   This assumes that an adequate number of interested contractors are available.  The firm’s experience on large, complex commercial and governmental projects has given them the experience to be able to accomplish this for you on your house design projects and is one more reason you may wish to select their company to design and manage your house project.  Come and visit the company and look at examples of their  documents; you will understand why you will want them to create your project.


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