Recycling Used Oil

Recycling Used Oil

Recycling Used Oil is not your typical architectural design online article. This has to do with how and where you deal with used engine oil and keeping our environment clean.


recycling oil


Some people might say: “Oh I just dump it on the ground.”  That is NOT a good thing to do.  Why?  Because that can pollute the ground water table where ever you do that, and end up making yourself sick or dead.  Don’t be a polluter.  That could just be your own well water you’re poisoning. 


So what to do? 














It’s actually pretty simple.   Look online for your local town “Staffed Recycling Center.”   Phone them and ask if they can accept used engine oil from your car, truck, lawnmower or whatever you need to have handled.    Chances are, they will.  If they say no, ask them who does.  They should know who can accept used oil, if they don’t. 


This simple solution can end a lifetime of struggling with this dilemma.  And it shouldn’t cost much, if anything.  Counties normally accept this material for free, just to keep their land clean.
















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